The intriguing Abydos carvings 4

The intriguing Abydos carvings

Inside the Temple of Pharaoh Seti I, archaeologists stumbled upon a series of carvings that look a lot like futuristic helicopters and spaceships.
The Magestic 12

The Majestic 12 and Its UFO conspiracy

It is said that in 1947, President Harry Truman gave the order for a secret committee to investigate the Roswell Incident. This committee consisted of 12 individuals, including world-renowned scientists,…

Are Crop Circles made by aliens?? 5

Are Crop Circles made by aliens??

Many unusual occurrences happen on this planet, which some people attribute to extraterrestrial activity. Whether it’s a buried metropolis off the coast of Florida or a fictitious triangle in the…

skinwalker ranch story

Skinwalker Ranch – A trail of mystery

The mystery is nothing but the strange images that live in your mind, haunting forever. A cattle ranch in northwestern Utah, United States sketched the same thing to the life…