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Carrington event

The Carrington Event: When the skies lit up with horror!

On September 1, 1859, the Sun spewed electrified gas and subatomic particles amounting to the energy of 10 billion atomic bombs towards the Earth, causing telegraph communications to fail, literally shocking operators, and causing systems to catch fire. Northern Lights were reported as far south as Cuba and Hawaii, allowing witnesses to read newspapers by the light of the auroras alone.
10,000-year-old mysterious megastructure unearthed beneath the Baltic Sea 1

10,000-year-old mysterious megastructure unearthed beneath the Baltic Sea

Deep beneath the Baltic Sea lies an ancient hunting ground! Divers have uncovered a massive structure, over 10,000 years old, resting at a depth of 21 meters on the seabed of Mecklenburg Bight in the Baltic Sea. This incredible find is one of the earliest known hunting tools built by humans in Europe.
mummified bees pharaoh

Ancient cocoons reveal hundreds of mummified bees from the time of the Pharaohs

Approximately 2975 years ago, Pharaoh Siamun governed over Lower Egypt while the Zhou Dynasty ruled in China. Meanwhile, in Israel, Solomon awaited his succession to the throne after David. In the region that we now know as Portugal, the tribes were nearing the conclusion of the Bronze Age. Notably, in the present-day location of Odemira on the southwest coast of Portugal, an unusual and uncommon phenomenon had occurred: an extensive number of bees perished inside their cocoons, their intricate anatomical features impeccably preserved.