Dead Children’s Playground – The most haunted park in America

Hidden among the old beech trees within the limits of Maple Hill Cemetery in Huntsville, Alabama, lies a small playground, boasting an array of simple playing equipment including the swings and a modern jungle gym, which is officially named “Drost Park” or best known to the locals as the “Dead Children’s Playground.”

The History Of The Dead Children’s Playground:

dead children's play ground
The Dead Children’s Playground

The Maple Hill Cemetery is the largest and the oldest cemetery in Alabama founded way back in 1822. Later in 1869, the Maple Hill Park was built surrounding the cemetery. For decades, this park has earned its infamy as the most haunted park in the United States, as well as one of the most haunted places on Earth due to some scary and haunting legends behind it.

The Hauntings Of Dead Children’s Playground:

dead children's play ground
The Dead Children’s Playground, Huntsville

It is said that, at the dark of night, the children buried in the century-old cemetery claim the park for their play. People claim to have witnessed them, heard their cries, whispers or giggling-sounds, and to have seen spheres of cold ghost light floating around, as well as various unusual activities within the park premises.

Many even claim to see swings often moving by themselves in the silence of the dark. Sometimes the sounds of little children’s feet running along with a suppressed woman voice coming from the deep wood have also been reported within the limits of the Dead Children’s Playground Park.

Apparently between 10 PM and 3 AM is the time when most of these paranormal activities are said to occur in the playground area to make it the country’s most haunted park.

A Dark History Behind The Dead Children’s Playground:

On the other side, a local legend reveals another dark secret of the Dead Children’s Playground. According to the legend, the ghosts of the Maple Hill Park Cemetery are of those displeased children who were abducted around the 1960s and whose bodies were later found in the vicinity of the Dead Children’s Playground. They were brutally murdered by an unidentified serial killer who perhaps lived at the abandoned mine shaft adjacent to this hill area, and these murder cases still remain unsolved.

Is this true that the Dead Children’s Playground holds an unworldly curse in its soil? Or all these stories are just made of fiction through the word of mouth?

The Dead Children’s Playground – A Paranormal Tour Destination:

For many years, people from around the world have been fascinated by all these haunting legends of the Dead Children’s Playground, and they are very excited to visit this place in their haunted tours in the United States. If you’re also one of them, then this place in Huntsville is definitely going to add a new experience to your paranormal expedition diary.

Know Before You Go:

The Dead Children’s Playground is located at the end of Newport Drive which is just off of McClung Ave SE, Huntsville. There, you could ask anyone to locate Maple Hill Park. You can also use Google Maps to map you there by typing in Dead Children’s Playground. To access the park from inside the cemetery, you can park near section 40 and walk up the hill. You’ll see a pavilion and the park is just the left of that.

The Dead Children’s Playground On Google Maps: