Is this inscription on the Great Pyramid similar to the strange hieroglyphics of Roswell UFO?

4 mysterious symbols were found at the entrance to the Great Pyramid of Khufu, in 1934. Their meaning and actual purpose are still unknown.

When you think of the pyramids of Egypt, you probably think of tombs — after all, that is what they are thought to be by most historians. However, there are some who speculate that these remarkable structures could have been built for another purpose altogether. Did the pharaohs have hidden knowledge or rituals that they wanted to preserve and protect?

Is this inscription on the Great Pyramid similar to the strange hieroglyphics of Roswell UFO? 1
The pyramid of Khafre with the south-east corner of the pyramid of Khufu in the foreground. © Wikimedia Commons

Their true purpose is still unknown, but there is no denying that the pyramids of Egypt are unique in many ways. The design and construction techniques employed are unlike anything else in existence today.

The strange inscription of the Great Pyramid

Is this inscription on the Great Pyramid similar to the strange hieroglyphics of Roswell UFO? 2
The Great Pyramid tetragrammaton: These 4 symbols are found at the entrance to the Great Pyramid of Khufu. © Human Resonance

There is a strange inscription at the base of the ancient Khufu pyramid entryway that is written in an undeciphered “code” that resembles the letters “VOEO” or something quite similar. In 1934, French Egyptologist M. Andre Pochan first reported this curious inscription carved in early-style symbols in the massive stone lintel above the original doorway of the Great Pyramid.

Some scholars, on the other hand, point out that these inscriptions are from a later period than the Egyptian empire and could be referring to something else entirely. However, research indicates the opposite. Undoubtedly, a huge mystery can be found inside these inscriptions.

A number of researchers have seen significant similarity between the inscription found in the Great Pyramid niche and the glyphs found engraved on metal fragments from the 1947 Roswell – New Mexico vimana disc crash. Is this evidence that ancient Egyptian life was somehow influenced by extraterrestrial beings from another world?

The mysterious origin of the Great Pyramid tetragrammaton

The tetragrammaton etched on the Great Pyramid’s ancient “closed doors” is thought to be Berber in origin. The Berbers are an ethnic group native to North Africa. Their history may be traced all the way back to 6,000 BC.

Is this inscription on the Great Pyramid similar to the strange hieroglyphics of Roswell UFO? 3
The 33 letters of the Neo-Tifinagh alphabet, used by the Moroccan IRCAM (Royal Institute of Amazigh Culture), and below the correspondences in the Berber Latin alphabet. © Wikimedia Commons

The term “Berbers” refers to the group of peoples of North Africa who speak Berber languages, which are members of the Afro-Asiatic language family. They call themselves Imazighen, which means “free men.”

Between 58 and 75 million people, mostly in Morocco, Algeria, and Egypt’s Siwa Oasis, are thought to speak these languages. But, this group also includes the Tuareg, who are primarily Saharan nomads.

Therefore, these symbols considered so ancient and so unusual constitute the only inscription of this type engraved on the ancient pyramid and found nowhere else on Egyptian monuments. The inscription, according to Juan Jesus Vallejo’s “Brief History of Ancient Egypt,” is composed of four letters, from left to right.

“V, a circle divided by a transverse line, parallel horizontal stripes and at the end another circle divided by two vertical lines. Translating the four characters is not easy as they can be read from right to left or vice versa. Furthermore, no one is quite sure how spoken language words were written thousands of years ago. But its roots remained in the modern Berber languages ​​of North Africa, and it is with the help of these “embryos” that its original meaning can be achieved.

The values ​​of the inscription, from left to right, are the letters D, B, Q, and B. They form two words whose root is DB and QB. The phonemes obtained after this operation are dubba and ikbut. The first of the words means “take care of yourself” or the colloquial expression “accept things as they are.” The second word, ikbut, is significant in itself, as its literal translation means “the dome covering the tomb of a holy man.”

To grasp the genuine meaning of these phrases, we must first recognize that the meanings of the aforementioned words have been Islamized, as the present Berber religion is Muslim.

However, if we extrapolate its meaning from thousands of years ago, we can conclude that the Great Pyramid was buried with someone “divine,” or at least represented as such.

This could be all about the hidden chambers in pyramids

Is this inscription on the Great Pyramid similar to the strange hieroglyphics of Roswell UFO? 4
Great pyramid of Giza entrance in middle. ©

Many of you will assume that Pharaoh was worshipped as God after reading this conclusion, which does not seem fundamentally new. However, if we carefully examine the translation, we discover a significant fact.

It is a “dome that covers the tomb of a holy man,” alluding to the idea that this creature’s burial site is extremely near the pyramid’s summit, a location that has not yet been reached by archaeologists.

In any case, this is far from the only fact that leads us to theorize that the pyramid contains a large number of hidden and unknown chambers – a theory that is beginning to be confirmed by recent studies using cosmic ray detectors.

Is this inscription on the Great Pyramid similar to the strange hieroglyphics of Roswell UFO? 5
Many climbers to the top of the stone pyramid claimed to have seen rats. Perhaps, rodents scale the endless rows of rocks, many of which are nearly two meters high, through the hidden hidden chambers. ©

Extraterrestrial connection

We have evidence of the earliest kind of writing in human history: a symbolic language that dates back thousands of years. However, proponents of the ancient astronaut theory contend that when the gods of antiquity came to Earth, they educated man and, in most cases, gave rise to civilized cultures that still involve the worship of “gods.”

The gods appear in pre-dynastic Egyptian lists as kings who ruled over people for hundreds or thousands of years. Could this kind of writing be a legacy of the old gods? What if these gods were merely technologically advanced beings from the other worlds?

Uncovering the strange Rosswell hieroglyphics: What actually happened?

Is this inscription on the Great Pyramid similar to the strange hieroglyphics of Roswell UFO? 6
Metal bar with undeciphered inscriptions, material from the fall of Roswell, 1947. © Unexplained Mysteries

A puzzling artifact was discovered in Roswell, New Mexico, in July 1947, during the infamous Roswell event; in which a UFO crashed and when the military arrived at the scene, they were shocked to find several strange fragments.

“We started collecting debris. Many of them had hard-to-read engraved numbers and hieroglyphs. None of the wreckage burned. I tried to burn the metal, but it was impossible to ignite. It looked like the leaf of a pack of cigarettes. I tried to break it with a 16-pound hammer and failed. General Raimi warned me that I should keep quiet about the incident,” said Major Jesse Marcel, one of the soldiers working on the investigation of the famous UFO crash.

Years later, Jesse Marcel Jr. stated that in the middle of the night his father had brought home some wreckage that had been found at the crash site for him and his mother to see.

One of the objects that most fascinated Marcel Jr. that night was a small rod with hieroglyphics. Interestingly, until he died in 2013, Marcel Jr. claimed that this story was completely true. And it’s also worth noting the obvious similarity of the symbols engraved on the Roswell stick to the symbols above the entrance to the Great Pyramid.

Two objects separated by a timeline of thousands of years and kilometers. Obviously, this from the point of view of our space-time line. How is this possible?

Is it mere coincidence or proof that, in the distant past, our civilization received knowledge from intelligent beings from other worlds who, among other things, bequeathed us written language?

The truth is that in many other cases of close contact with UFOs (Villash-Boash, Hill, Randlesham, etc.), witnesses claim to have seen “hieroglyphic” symbols inside or outside the alleged alien craft. Maybe that’s why the ancient Egyptians associated these symbols with the royal family associated with the gods.

Final words

Today, the Great Pyramid of Giza is an awe-inspiring example of ancient architecture; and it has given rise to a number of theories and myths over the years, including claims that there are hidden chambers inside. Some believe that the great pyramid was originally covered in hieroglyphs and inscriptions, but these have been worn away over time.

Others think that there could be hidden inscriptions or passages in places where the casing stones have fallen away. Many people believe that ancient messages and clues about the mysterious past and future events of human kind are hidden somewhere within the pyramid’s structure, waiting to be discovered.