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Lost in the White Mountains: The tragic story of Emily Sotelo 1

Lost in the White Mountains: The tragic story of Emily Sotelo

Mountaineering is inherently a risky endeavor. Beginners, cautious and risk-averse, start with smaller summits. They work their way up, skill by skill, to the more daunting and vertical challenges. Yet, even the less foreboding peaks can be treacherous.
Stone money bank in the island of Yap, Micronesia

The stone money of Yap

There is a small island named Yap in the Pacific Ocean. The island and its inhabitants are popularly known for a unique type of artifacts – stone money.
Junko Furuta

Junko Furuta: She was raped, tortured and murdered in her 40 days of terrible ordeal!

Spurned and enraged, Hiroshi, a ruthless and arrogant bad boy, vowed to annihilate Junko Furuta's life with a ferocity that knew no bounds. His fixation on revenge teetered on the brink of madness, driving him to plot and scheme with unrelenting fervor - yet, time and again, his efforts ended in humiliating defeat. But then, in a chilling twist of fate, Hiroshi's perseverance finally paid off, and he succeeded in unleashing a horror beyond Junko's wildest nightmares.