Are Crop Circles made by aliens??

Many unusual occurrences happen on this planet, which some people attribute to extraterrestrial activity. Whether it’s a buried metropolis off the coast of Florida or a fictitious triangle in the Atlantic, numerous occurrences appear to test the boundaries of what is acceptable. Today, we’ll look at one of the most intriguing: crop circles, which can be spotted all over the world.

crop circles
Lucy Pringle Aerial Shot of Pi Crop Circle. © Wikimedia Commons

Crop circles appear to be more complicated than a bored farmer’s basic job. They appear to follow certain patterns, but they frequently exhibit traits that are unique to a particular culture. The edges are frequently so smooth that they appear to have been machine-made. The plants, although being constantly bent, are never completely damaged. In fact, most of the time the vegetation grows naturally.

In some situations, the patterns are simply circles, but in others, they are complicated designs made up of multiple interconnected geometric shapes. These circles, on the other hand, seem unlikely to have been created by aliens that use our planet to solve their mathematical issues. They can, in fact, be far more human than they appear.

When were the first crop circles discovered?

crop circles
The Mowing-Devil: or, Strange News out of Hartford-shire is the title of an English woodcut pamphlet published in 1678 and also England’s first Crop Circle. © Wikimedia Commons

The earliest sighting of such a thing was in 1678 in Hertfordshire, England. Historians discovered that a farmer would have noticed “a bright light, like fire, in his field the night his crop was inexplicably mowed down.” Some speculated at the time that “the devil had mowed the field with his scythe.” Obviously, this has become a laughingstock in recent times, presuming the devil didn’t have much else to do on a Saturday night when he decided to turn the plantation into a disco.

Crop circles have grown in popularity since then, with many people reporting the development of identical designs in their fields. There were several claims of UFO sightings and circular formations in marsh and reeds in the 1960s, particularly in Australia and Canada. Crop circle formations have grown in both size and complexity since the 2000s.

A researcher in the United Kingdom discovered that crop circles were frequently created near roadways, more notably in highly populated areas and near cultural heritage monuments. In other words, they weren’t just appearing randomly.

Where do these circles come from?

Are Crop Circles made by aliens?? 1
Swiss Crop Circle 2009 Aerial. © Wikimedia Commons

For years, people have been attempting to explain this mysterious phenomena. Many people still believe that crop circles are created by aliens, like they’re some kind of message from an advanced civilization trying to communicate with us. Many crop circles have been discovered near ancient or religious places, fueling speculation of extraterrestrial activity. Some were discovered near earthen mounds and stones raised on tombs.

Some aficionados of paranormal themes believe that the patterns of crop circles are so complex that they appear to be controlled by some entity. One of the entities proposed for this is Gaia (the early Greek goddess who personifies the Earth), as a way of asking us to stop global warming and human pollution.

There is also speculation that crop circles are related to Meridian Lines (apparent alignments of places of artificial or supernatural significance in the geography of a given area). However, the fact is that it is increasingly evident that these circles do not seem to have supernatural connections, as we will see below.

Do crop circles have supernatural origins?

Crop circles
Aerial view of a crop circle in Diessenhofen. © Wikimedia Commons

Crop circles, according to scientific opinion, are produced by people as a kind of hazing, advertisement, or art. The most common way for a human to construct such a formation is to tie one end of a rope to an anchor point and the other end to something heavy enough to crush the plants.

People who are suspicious about crop circle’s paranormal origins point to various aspects of crop circles that lead us to believe they are the product of pranksters, such as the construction of tourist zones soon after a crop circle’s “discovery.”

In truth, some people have admitted to crop circles. Physicists have even proposed that more complex rings can be simply built using GPS and lasers. It has also been proposed that certain crop circles are the consequence of unusual meteorological events such as tornadoes. However, there is no proof that all crop circles are formed in this manner.

The vast majority of individuals involved in researching these circles agree that the vast majority of them are made as pranks, but other investigators argue that there is a small number that they simply cannot explain.

Finally, despite unfounded claims by some experts that some vegetations in “genuine” circles may exhibit peculiar traits, there is no credible scientific method to separate “actual” circles from those created by human intervention.