Unsolved Cases

Emma Fillipoff

The mysterious disappearance of Emma Fillipoff

Emma Fillipoff, a 26-year-old woman, disappeared from a Vancouver hotel in November 2012. Despite receiving hundreds of tips, Victoria police have been unable to confirm any reported sightings of Fillipoff. What really happened to her?
Daylenn Pua Disappeared from the Haiku Stairs, one of Hawaii’s most dangerous trails. Unsplash / Fair Use

What happened to Daylenn Pua after climbing Hawaii’s forbidden Haiku Stairs?

In the serene landscapes of Waianae, Hawaii, a gripping mystery unfolded on February 27, 2015. Eighteen-year-old Daylenn "Moke" Pua vanished without a trace after embarking on a forbidden adventure to the Haiku Stairs, famously known as the "Stairway to Heaven." Despite extensive search efforts and eight years passing, no sign of Daylenn Pua has ever been found.
Tamám Shud – the unsolved mystery of the Somerton man 4

Tamám Shud – the unsolved mystery of the Somerton man

In 1948, a man was found dead on a beach in Adelaide and the words, "Tamám Shud", torn from a book, was found in a hidden pocket. The rest of the book was discovered in a nearby car, with a mysterious code on a page only visible under UV Light. The code and the identity of the man have never been solved.