Unsolved: The mysterious disappearance of Joshua Guimond

Joshua Guimond disappeared from St. John’s University campus in Collegeville, Minnesota in 2002, following a late-night gathering with friends. Two decades have passed, the case is still unsolved.

Almost two decades have passed since the baffling vanishing of Joshua Guimond, an ambitious university student with a promising future. His disappearance has left numerous unanswered questions and continues to be a source of torment for his loved ones. Despite exhaustive investigations and extensive media attention, the details surrounding what happened to Joshua Guimond remain shrouded in mystery.

Joshua Guimond
A restored photograph of Joshua Guimond. findjoshua

Life and aspirations of Joshua Guimond

Joshua Guimond was born on June 18, 1982. As an only child, he was raised by his parents, Brian and Lisa Guimond, in Maple Lake, Minnesota. He was a bright and determined person, who enjoyed outdoor activities including ice fishing and hunting, often doing them with his father. Joshua was well-liked by his peers and showed a strong sense of responsibility and commitment.

Joshua’s intellectual pursuits led him to St. John’s University in Collegeville, Minnesota, where he was studying political science, in 2002. Beyond his academic pursuits, he was also an active participant in the university’s mock trial team, showing a keen interest in law. His ultimate ambition was to become a lawyer, with an interest in eventually pursuing a career in politics.

The night Joshua Guimond vanished

On the evening of November 9, 2002, Joshua attended a party with some friends at the St. John’s University campus apartment in Collegeville, Minnesota. Then he joined a poker party at the Metten Court dorms for a while. Amid the revelry, he abruptly departed around 11:45 PM, leaving his friends behind under the assumption that he had gone back to his dorm room, and did not attempt to contact him, since the journey was only a brief 5-minute. This would be the last time his friends saw him.

Immediate reactions and response

When Joshua failed to return to his dorm room and subsequently missed a mock trial team practice the following day, his friends began to worry. They reported him missing to the Stearns County Sheriff’s Department, sparking the beginning of a search that would span multiple decades.

The investigation begins

The initial investigation into Joshua’s disappearance revealed few clues. His dorm room was found in its usual state, with his personal belongings including his coat, keys, wallet, and glasses left behind. The only abnormality was that his computer was left on, which was unusual given Joshua’s organized nature.

On the other hand, two witnesses reported having spotted Guimond on a bridge at the time of his disappearance from the poker party. The sighting supposedly occurred in the vicinity of Stumpf Lake. It is unknown if the Stearns County Sheriff’s Office ever verified the sighting.

Detailed investigations unveiled certain inconsistencies in the timeline of events surrounding Joshua’s disappearance. Notably, Joshua’s roommate, Nick Hydukovich, had discrepancies in his account of the events of the night Joshua disappeared. These discrepancies, coupled with rumors of a disagreement between Nick and Joshua, raised suspicions among investigators.

Anomalies in the timeline

Joshua Guimond
A photograph of Joshua Guimond (left), Katie Benson (middle), and Nick Hydukovich (right) at college. Netflix / Fair Use

Nick Hydukovich and Katie Benson, who was Guimond’s ex-girlfriend of four-and-a-half years, were reportedly in a relationship. On the night of Guimond’s disappearance, Hydukovich and Benson were together.

Hydukovich, who was a friend of Guimond and the co-captain of the mock trial team with him, was interviewed by authorities to find out if he had something to do with the missing college student. He said he had brunch with Guimond on November 9, and then had seen him at 6:30 PM that night before he went to Benson’s.

When Hydukovich returned at 2 AM, Guimond was not there. However, a roommate reported hearing the two argue about Benson at some point that night. It was unclear at which time the argument actually took place.

Hydukovich told the police he left Benson’s place at 2:30 AM, yet his keycard that was used to access the dorms showed it was used at 2:42 AM. Benson said he left her home between 1 and 1:30 AM; which would have left a lot of unaccounted time in Hydukovich’s story, since the drive back from Benson’s place (she attended the nearby College of Saint Benedict) to St. John’s University was only about a 10-minute drive.

It is possible that Benson misremembered the time Hydukovich left. Benson has also stated that she doesn’t believe Hydukovich had anything to do with Guimond’s disappearance.

Some have pointed to the fact that Hydukovich declined to take a polygraph examination as a sign of guilt. However, this is not a proof, because none of us want to get tangled in any unwanted legal issues. Think this from Hydukovich’s perspective, he did what any college junior would do in the situation.

Searching for a missing student

In the wake of Joshua’s disappearance, a widespread search was initiated. A number of agencies, including the National Guard and the FBI, were involved in the search efforts. Despite extensive searches of the nearby lakes and the surrounding area, no trace of Joshua was found.

Unanswered questions and unsettling discoveries

As the search for Joshua continued, several unsettling discoveries were made. Examination of Joshua’s computer revealed evidence of tampering, with certain pieces of data having been erased. Moreover, the discovery of photos of unidentified men on his computer raised further questions about the circumstances of his disappearance.

Joshua Guimond
These pictures were found on Joshua’s computer. The Stearns County Sheriff’s Office is asking for help identifying the 28 people in this photo as they may have information about the disappearance of Joshua Guimond. Stearns County Sheriff Office

Theories and speculations

Over the years, a number of theories have been proposed as to what might have happened to Joshua Guimond. These theories range from the possibility that Joshua drowned in one of the nearby lakes (since he had drank some alcohol that night, though did not appear to be intoxicated, as his friends reported), to suggestions of foul play, and even speculations that Joshua chose to disappear voluntarily.

The case remains unsolved

Joshua Guimond
Thorough searches of the lakes surrounding St. John’s University campus in Collegeville, Minnesota, failed to prove theories that the college junior Joshua Guimond drowned after leaving the university’s Metten Court dormitory. 2004 Aerial photograph of St. John’s University campus looking southeast. Saint John’s University Archives / Fair use

Despite the passage of time and the tireless efforts of investigators, Joshua Guimond remains missing. His disappearance continues to be an enduring mystery that investigators are determined to solve.

Joshua’s disappearance has had a profound impact on his family, friends, and the community. It has prompted calls for improved safety measures on university campuses and has highlighted the importance of swift and thorough investigations in cases of missing persons.

In conclusion

The disappearance of Joshua Guimond is a chilling reminder of the fragility of life and the importance of community vigilance in ensuring the safety of all individuals. As the search for Joshua continues, we can only hope that new leads will eventually provide answers and bring peace to his family and friends. In the meantime, Joshua Guimond’s story serves as a haunting testimony of the thousands of missing persons cases that remain unsolved each year.

Do you have Information?

Missing poster of Joshua Guimond
Missing poster of Joshua Guimond. Minnesota Department of Public Safety

If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of Joshua Guimond, please contact the Stearns County Sheriff’s Office at (320) 259-3700.

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