The Florida Squallies: Do these pig people really live in Florida?

According to local legends, at the East of Naples, Florida, on the edge of the Everglades lives a group of people called the 'Squallies.' They are said to be short, human-like creatures with a pig-like snout.

The Golden Gate Estates, a private community located deep within the Florida Everglades, is a hidden gem. It was here that the Rosen family, dating back to the 1960s, devised a land scheme to profit from. Parts of the property stretched for kilometres without a single house having ever been built on them.

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Night at Everglades, Florida. © Image Credit: HeartJump | Licensed from (Editorial/Commercial Use Stock Photo, ID:106818434)

A piece of this land, known as Alligator Alley, was purchased by the state of Florida for the purpose of restoring it to its original condition. This area is fairly wild, and it is home to a variety of species including bears, bobcats, deer, hogs, and panthers, amongst other creatures.

Local legend has it, that this wonder land is also home to other inhabitants. They are referred to as the Squallies. Short humanoid creatures with pig-like snouts are the best description for these beings. If you have ever seen the 1980 film The Private Eyes, starring Don Knotts and Tim Conway, you would recognise these animals as being similar to the worgler monster, but on a smaller size.

Illustration of pig-man. © Image Credit: Phantoms & Monsters
Illustration of pig-man. © Image Credit: Phantoms & Monsters

Because of their short stature, these squally creatures were frequently referred to as children. It was thought to have been home to a population of 30-50 adults at one point. Some believe that a few of them may still inhabit in this area and other regions of Florida.

How these Squallies came into existence, is believed to be by some sort of experimental government agency. Obviously, things went way wrong as they mutated into pig people. Stories have emerged mentioning that of an abandoned laboratory — somewhere near DeSoto Boulevard and Oil Well Road. It is here, in which these things were created or born sort of speak. Some people believe that the Squallies originated from inbreeding over time. From this, they suffered a disfiguring number of diseases.

More of the legend mentions a certain place known as the Naithlorendum Sanctuary. It is here that anyone who passed by, were shot down by a crazed old man. Whether or not, he was part of the scientific community or simply a security guard is still unknown.

A sense of paranoia took over this location as people were in fear for their lives and others while they lived here. The Squallies were believed to capture anybody that came close and then eat them alive. Since the 1960s, a number of strange events are said to occur regarding the Squallies, but most of them haven’t been recorded evidently.

Is this just an urban legend? Quite possibly. But back on June 14th of 2011, police in Florida recorded a report of a man claiming that he wrecked his motorcycle due to seeing a “boogeyman” pop out in front of him.

Later, the Florida Highway Patrol mentioned this man Mr. James Scarborough age 49 from the Golden Gate Estates suffered minor injuries from the incident. He also claimed being pinned down by a pig looking man after wrecking his motorcycle. Essentially, these Squallies are rampant feral people roaming free.

The Florida Squallies’ story is quite similar to the legend of the Pig Man of Cannock Chase, UK. There are hundreds of these tales of weird feral people worldwide, though it doesn’t make these stories less interesting.