The unsolved YOGTZE case: The unexplained death of Günther Stoll

The YOGTZE case is comprised of a mysterious series of events which led up to the death of a German food technician named Günther Stoll in 1984. He had been suffering from paranoia for some time, repeatedly talking to his wife about “Them” who were coming to kill him.

The unsolved YOGTZE case: The unexplained death of Günther Stoll 1
The unsolved case of Günther Stoll © Image Credit: MRU

Then on October 25th, 1984, he suddenly cried out “Jetzt geht mir ein Licht auf!” ― “Now I’ve got it!”, and quickly wrote down the code YOGTZE on a piece of paper (it is still uncertain whether the third letter was meant to be a G or a 6).

Stoll left his house went to his favorite pub and ordered a beer. It is was 11:00pm. Suddenly he collapsed to the floor, losing consciousness and smashing his face. However, other people in the pub commented that he wasn’t drunk but seemed distressed.

Stoll left the pub and around 1:00am, he visited the house of an old woman he had known since childhood in Haigerseelbach, telling her: “Something’s going to happen tonight, something pretty terrifying.” Here one fact should be noted, Haigerseelbach is only about six miles from the pub. What happened in the preceding two hours is a mystery.

Two hours later at 3:00am, two truck drivers discovered his car crashed into a tree by the side of the motorway. Stoll was inside the car ― in the passenger seat, still alive but naked, bloodied, and barely conscious. Stoll claimed he had been traveling with “four strangers” who “beat him loose.” He died in the ambulance en route to the hospital.

The unsolved YOGTZE case: The unexplained death of Günther Stoll 2
Around 3:00am, two truck drivers pulled off the road when they saw a car wreck and went to help. The car was Günther Stoll’s Volkswagen Golf, and Stoll was inside ― in the passenger seat. He was naked, bloodied, and barely conscious. © Image Credit: TheLineUp

In the ensuing investigation, a few strange details came to life. The good Samaritans both reported an injured man in a white jacket fleeing the scene as they pulled up. This man was never found. Moreover, the Police found that Stoll had not been injured in the car crash, nor from being beaten, but had been run over by a different vehicle, before being placed in the passenger seat of his own car, which was then crashed into the tree.

The identities of “Them” – the people who were supposedly coming to kill him and, apparently, succeeded – and the meaning of the code “YOGTZE” he scribbled down were never discovered.

Some investigators suggest that the G may actually be a 6. One popular internet theory is that Stoll had a psychic premonition about his own death, and YOGTZE or YO6TZE was the license plate of the car that hit him. Another theory points out that TZE is a yogurt flavoring ― perhaps he was trying to solve a food engineering issue involving yogurt. YO6TZE is the call signal of a Romanian radio station ― could that have something to do with it? Or all that happened to Stoll had to do with his mental illness??

The investigation into the death of Günther Stoll is still ongoing and unsolved in Germany. Over thirty five years have passed since Stoll’s weird, fateful evening and it appears that no answers are on the horizon at this time.