The giant Congo snake

The giant Congo snake Colonel Remy Van Lierde witnessed measured approximately 50 feet in length, dark brown/green with a white belly.

In 1959, Remy Van Lierde served as a Colonel in the Belgian Air Force at the Kamina airbase in Belgian occupied Congo. In Katanga region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, returning from a mission by helicopter, he reported having seen an enormous snake as he flew over the forests.

The giant Congo snake mystery

The giant Congo snake 1
The picture above was taken in 1959 by a Belgium helicopter pilot, Col. Remy Van Lierde, while on patrol over the congo. The snake he saw measured approximately 50 feet in length (though, many call it the “100ft snake Congo”), dark brown/green with a white belly. It has a triangle-shaped jaw and a head about 3 feet by 2 feet in size. The photo was later analyzed and verified to be genuine. Wikimedia Commons

Though many call it the “100ft snake Congo,” Colonel Van Lierde described the snake as being close to 50 feet in length, with a 2 foot wide by 3 foot long triangular head, which (if his estimation was accurate) would earn the creature a place amongst the largest snakes to have ever existed. Colonel Lierde described the snake as having dark green and brown top scales and a white-ish colored underside.

Upon sighting the reptile, he told the pilot to turn around and make another pass. At which, the serpent reared up the frontal ten feet of its body head as if to strike, giving him an opportunity to observe its white underbelly. However, after flying so low that Van Lierde thaught it was within striking distance of his helicopter. He ordered the pilot to resume his journey, therefore the creature was never properly documented, although some reports suggest that an onboard photographer managed to snap this shot of it.

What could it actually be?

The Giant Congo Snake
The Giant Congo Snake. Wikimedia Commons

The strange creature is believed to be either a massively oversized African rock python, an entirely new species of snake, or perhaps a descendant of the giant Eocene snake Gigantophis.

The world’s largest snake is 48ft

A team of scientists, while working in one of the world’s largest open-pit coal mines at Cerrejon in La Guajira, Colombia, made a remarkable discovery – the largest snake ever known to exist, Titanoboa. The remains of this ancient creature were found alongside fossilized plants, massive turtles, and crocodiles that date back to around 60 million years ago during the Paleocene Epoch. It was during this time that the Earth witnessed the emergence of its first recorded rainforest and signaled the end of dinosaurs’ reign over Earth.

Isolated image of Titanoboa, the biggest snake ever is 48ft long
Isolated image of ancient Titanoboa, the largest snake ever is 48ft in length. Adobestock

Weighing an astonishing 2,500 pounds (over 1,100 kilograms) with a length reaching nearly 48 feet (approximately 15 meters), Titanoboa has amazed researchers with its colossal size. This groundbreaking finding sheds light on our planet’s prehistoric past and adds another fascinating chapter to our understanding of Earth’s evolution.

About Remy Van Lierde

Van Lierde was born on August 14th of 1915, in Overboelare, Belgium. He began his career in Belgian Airforce on September 16, 1935, as a fighter pilot who served during World War II in the Belgian and British Air Forces, shooting down six enemy aircraft and 44 V-1 flying bombs, and achieving the RAF rank of Squadron Leader.

The giant Congo snake 2
Colonel Remy Van Lierde. Wikimedia Commons

Van Lierde was made Deputy Chief of Staff to the Ministre of Defense in 1954. In 1958 he became one of the first Belgians to break the sound barrier while test flying a Hawker Hunter at Dunsfold Aerodrome in England. He returned to the Belgian Air Force after the war and went on to hold several important commands before retiring in 1968. He died on June 8th of 1990. In conclusion, his excellent profile history makes his claims about the 50 feet long giant Congo snake more intriguing.

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