44 most haunted hotels around the world and the spooky stories behind them

Hotels, supposed to provide a safe home away from home, a place where you can relax after a stressful travelling. But, how would you feel if your comfortable night would end up with the sound of someone’s laugh from the corridor? Or someone pulling your blanket while you are sleeping in your bed? Or someone standing out of your window glass only to be disappeared right then? Scary! isn’t it?

44 most haunted hotels around the world and the spooky stories behind them 1

There are quite a few ghostly tales of haunted hotels around the world, and those creepy thoughts could be your own real experience after spending just one night at any of them. If you don’t feel so then remember those spooky words from Stephen King’s 1408: “Hotels are a naturally creepy place… Just think, how many people have slept in that bed before you? How many of them were sick? How many… died?” We know, some just completely avoid staying at such places, but some brave hearts would obviously love to deep dig into the horror legends.

Next time when you are travelling try to stay for one night at these haunted hotels located in various cities around the world, and if you are lucky (or unlucky) enough, you could definitely experience the real ghosts and restless spirits firsthand.

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1 | The Russell Hotel, Sydney, Australia

44 most haunted hotels around the world and the spooky stories behind them 2
The Russell Hotel, Sydney

The Russell Hotel in Sydney, Australia offers guests the convenience of being located near the city’s best attractions. But the Room number 8 is believed to be extremely haunted by the spirit of a sailor who is said to have never checked out of that room. Numerous guests have encountered his presence there. Plenty of visitors and staff members have even claimed to have heard unexplained footsteps over creaky floors during the night. The hotel offers ghost tours for guests who are fascinated to get an eery experience.  |Book Now

2 | Lord Milner Hotel, Matjiesfontein, South Africa

44 most haunted hotels around the world and the spooky stories behind them 3
Lord Milner Hotel, South Africa

South Africa is one of the most famous countries in the continent of Africa for its tourist attractions. The country is bound with thousands of natural beauties and historical fame and has its fair share of creepy abandoned hospitals, haunted libraries and other old buildings. But which buildings do leave you chilled to the bone while you relaxing at night? Yes, we are talking about those haunted hotels, and obviously, this country has a handful number of charming hotels to tell their own haunted legends.

One such place is Lord Milner Hotel, located on the edge of the remote Great Karoo in Matjiesfontein Village. The town served as command headquarters during the South African War, as well as the site of subsequent war crimes hearings. Therefore, no wonder if Lord Milner Hotel has some paranormal activities within its premises. According to the hotel staff, there are a couple of ghostly guests who never seemed to check out, including “Lucy,” a negligee-wearing spectre who makes noises behind closed doors from time to time.  |Book Now

3 | Toftaholm Herrgård, Sweden

44 most haunted hotels around the world and the spooky stories behind them 4
Toftaholm Herrgård on Lake Vidöstern

Toftaholm Herrgård on Lake Vidöstern, in Lagan is currently said to be a haunted hotel. But this five-star hotel started out as a private manor owned by a wealthy Baron family. The story goes that a young man killed himself in what is now room 324 after he was forbidden to marry the much richer daughter of the Baron. Now, he haunts the place. Guests have reportedly seen the boy roaming around the building, and windows are frequently closed unexpectedly.  |Book Now

4 | Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Mumbai, India

44 most haunted hotels around the world and the spooky stories behind them 5
The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Mumbai

The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel is a heritage luxury architecture hotel in the Colaba region of Mumbai, which is situated next to the Gateway of India. This 560-room five-star hotel is one of India’s most beautiful and luxurious hotels and is the first building in the country to get intellectual property rights protection for its architectural design. But besides its historical fame, the Taj Hotel is also said to be one of the most haunted sites in India.

Legend has it that during its construction, the building’s architect was apparently deeply upset for some portions of the hotel that had been made in the wrong direction without his acknowledgement. Seeing this huge error in his pre-planned architecture, he jumped off the 5th-floor to his death. Now for over a century, he is believed to be a resident ghost of the Taj Hotel. The guests and staff have occasionally encountered him in the hallways and have heard him walking on the roof.  |Book Now

5 | Hotel Del Coronado, Coronado, California, United States

44 most haunted hotels around the world and the spooky stories behind them 6
Hotel del Coronado, San Diego

The luxurious Hotel del Coronado just off the coast of San Diego is known for its stunning views of the sea, but a mysterious woman dressed in black might shatter your pleasant times within a moment. If you ask anyone about her there, you will definitely hear the name “Kate Morgan” and that she is not a living person. There is a sad ending story behind this name.

On Thanksgiving Day in 1892, the 24-year-old lady checked into the third-floor guest room and waited for her lover to meet him there. After five days of waiting, she took her own life, but he never came. There have been reports of a pale figure in a black lace dress on the property, along with mysterious odours, sounds, moving objects and self-working TVs in the room she stayed in. And yes, you can still stay in that haunted third-floor guest room of the hotel to get some creepy experiences.  |Book Now

6 | Grand Hyatt Hotel, Taipei, Taiwan

44 most haunted hotels around the world and the spooky stories behind them 7
Grand Hyatt Hotel, Taiwan

This modern architectural hotel was built in 1989 and obviously doesn’t look like other customary old haunted hotels but this 852-room tower conveys a dark past and some related haunting legends that could creep anyone out. Taipei’s Grand Hyatt Hotel was constructed on the site of a former World War II Japanese prison camp, and guests including actor Jackie Chan have reported feeling disturbances there. However, Grand Hyatt PR’s team has concluded these stories to be rumours. But many still believe and visit this hotel in the hope they could get the sense of something paranormal there.  |Book Now

7 | The Hotel Captain Cook, United States

44 most haunted hotels around the world and the spooky stories behind them 8
The Hotel Captain Cook, Alaska

The Hotel Captain Cook is one of the most well known haunted hotels in Alaska, USA. The guests and staff witness occasionally the apparition of a lady in a white dress hanging around in the hotel’s women-restroom. They often report that the doors of that room open and close on their own and the lights keep turning off without any viable reason.

Even, once a skeptic on his tour spent one night in the alleged women’s restroom and snapped a photo over the top of the stall, as did others. Everyone else’s photo was of an empty stall but particularly in his photo, it seemed like a fog of angel-hair all over the floor. It is believed that the lady is bound to the hotel because, in 1972, she committed suicide in that certain stall.  |Book Now

8 | First World Hotel, Pahang, Malaysia

44 most haunted hotels around the world and the spooky stories behind them 9
First World Hotel, Malaysia

With 7,351 rooms, Malaysia’s First World Hotel makes sure it has something for everyone on its massive guest list. There’s an indoor theme park for thrill-seekers, a tropical rainforest for nature lovers, and even an entire floor with various paranormal activities for ghost hunters. While other hotels might have the odd out-of-bounds room, First World Hotel is said to have the entire 21st-floor, which is believed to be haunted by the ghosts of suicide victims who lost everything at the casino.

Some visitors have reported poltergeists making noise in the halls and rooms. The elevator always skips that allegedly haunted floor. Even, children cry and refuse to go near parts of the hotel. Healthy guests fall ill for no apparent reason. You can smell unexplained incense, which the Chinese believe is food for ghosts. Apart from these, some rooms are said to be terribly cursed and the hotel never rents them out to guests, even when the hotel is at full occupancy.  |Book Now

9 | Baiyoke Sky Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand

44 most haunted hotels around the world and the spooky stories behind them 10
Baiyoke Sky Hotel, Bangkok

Baiyoke Sky Hotel, rising 88 storeys above Bangkok’s skyline as suggested in the name itself, is one of Thailand’s tallest hotels. Located in bustling Bangkok, Baiyoke Tower is a hotel, an attraction and a shopping complex all in one. But it has also a dark history underlying its gleaming facade. During construction, three billboard installers died when they fell from a suspended platform on the 69th-floor of Baiyoke Tower II. There have been numerous haunting stories about the hotel as guests have complained about things being moved in their rooms, unexplained dark shadows, and a general feeling of unease.  |Book Now

10 | Grand Inna Samudra Beach Hotel, Pelabuhan Ratu, Indonesia

44 most haunted hotels around the world and the spooky stories behind them 11
Grand Inna Samudra Beach Hotel, Indonesia

A few hours from the bustling city of Jakarta, in Indonesia, lie the beautiful beaches of South Sukabumi, with Pelabuhan Ratu, a small coastal town, right in the centre of it. The beach villas scatter all over white sandy beaches, with the curl of the waves providing an amazing experience to the visitors and surfers.

But there is a hidden sad story of jealousy within the Royal family of 16th Century Kingdom of Mataram causing the death of a beautiful Queen named Nyi Roro Kidul who gave her life to the open sea, and a scary legend that lives on.

Legend has it that Nyai Loro Kidul, who is now called the Goddess of the South Seas, lures fishermen to her love nest at the bottom of the ocean. She whisks away anyone who ventures into the sea, anyone wearing green as wearing her colours upset her. Swimmers are warned not to wear green and not to swim in the ocean and if drowning occurs they are attributed to this malevolent Goddess.

In fact, Room 308 of the Samudra Beach Hotel has been permanently kept empty for her. Available for meditation purposes, the room is beautifully designed with green and golden threads, yes, these were the colours she loved most, doused in the smell of jasmine and incense.  |Book Now

11 | Asia Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand

44 most haunted hotels around the world and the spooky stories behind them 12
Asia Hotel, Bangkok

With one glance you would deem Asia Hotel to be just another spooky hotel in Bangkok. The overall hotel is dimly lit and the rooms are old and musty. A typical story involves guests waking up just in time to see ghostly figures sitting on the sofa staring at them, only to vanish into thin air. |Book Now

12 | Buma Inn (Traveler Inn Hua Quiao) Hotel, Beijing, China

44 most haunted hotels around the world and the spooky stories behind them 13
Buma Inn, Beijing

The Buma Inn in Beijing is believed to be haunted by an angry ghost who seeks revenge. The story goes that a guest died because the head chef in the restaurant had poisoned his food and then the chef stabbed himself. Now, the restless spirit of murdered roams the hotel in search of that chef. |Book Now

13 | The Langham Hotel, London, United Kingdom

44 most haunted hotels around the world and the spooky stories behind them 14
The Langham Hotel, London

This castle-like-hotel was built in 1865 and is known as the most haunted hotel in London. Guests at the Langham Hotel have reported sightings of ghosts roaming the halls and gliding through walls. This century-old building boasts a number of macabre events and restless spirits such as, the ghost of a German prince who jumped from one of the fourth-floor windows to his death. The ghost of a doctor who murdered his wife then killed himself while on their honeymoon. The ghost of a man with a gaping wound on his face. The ghost of Emperor Louis Napoleon III, who lived at the Langham during his last days in exile. The ghost of a butler seen wandering the corridors in his holey socks.

Apart from these, Room No 333 is said to be the most haunted room in the hotel, where most of these bizarre incidents took place. Even, a ghost once shook the bed in that room with such enthusiasm that the occupant fled the hotel in the middle of the night. A few years ago in 2014, the spirits of this hotel drove out several English national team cricket players back in 2014. The athletes left citing sudden heat and lights and an unexplained presence. They were so frightened that they couldn’t be attributable to their next match the following day.  |Book Now

14 | Hotel Presidente, Macau, Hong Kong

44 most haunted hotels around the world and the spooky stories behind them 15
Hotel Presidente, Hong Kong

If you suddenly smell an unrecognized perfume, beware because this is a story of a female guest staying in one of the rooms at the Hotel Presidente near the old Lisboa. She experienced exactly that every time she went into the bathroom, even though she was neither wearing nor did she bring any fragrances with her on her trip. She also laid out on the bathroom counter all her cosmetics, but the next morning she woke up and they were all in disarray. She later found out that on one night in 1997, the room witnessed a gruesome murder scene. A Chinese man had called two prostitutes to the room. After having sex with the ladies, he killed them both, chopped up their bodies with a sharp knife, and flushed the pieces down the toilet.

Another tale from a traveller’s online review tells that he checked into Room 1009 at 2 AM. Apparently, he saw an old man wearing a vest and reading glasses enter the room and vanish without a trace. Without ever hearing the sound of the door opening or closing. Despite being enough scary, these stories attract many guests and visitors for staying at the hotel who really love paranormal things.  |Book Now

15 | The Savoy Hotel, London, United Kingdom

44 most haunted hotels around the world and the spooky stories behind them 16
The Savoy Hotel, London

The Savoy in London is rumoured to have a mysterious lift that is operated by the ghost of a young girl who was once allegedly killed in the hotel. Guests have also reported ghostly happenings recurring on the fifth floor.  |Book Now

16 | First House Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand

44 most haunted hotels around the world and the spooky stories behind them 17
First House Hotel, Bangkok

First House Hotel is an ideal hotel for shoppers due to being near shopping centres in Bangkok; Pratunam Market, Platinum Fashion Mall and Central World Plaza. Opened in 1987, with more than 25 years serving more than a million guests, First House Bangkok Hotel is a very popular hotel for its convenient location and enjoyable experience.

However, a number of online forums and other such resources claim that there were many reported paranormal sightings. In its early period, a massive fire engulfed parts of the hotel. Later the body of a Singaporean singer by the name of Shi Ni was found charred beyond recognition in the hotel’s nightclub. According to many, he still roams the hotel rooms.  |Book Now

17 | Castle Stuart, Near Inverness, Scotland

44 most haunted hotels around the world and the spooky stories behind them 18
Castle Stuart, Scotland

This ‘castle turned hotel’ and premier golf destination was once home to James Stewart, the Earl of Moray and has a dismal history behind it. For unknown reasons, the castle was deemed haunted by local residents. In hopes of proving it was not actually haunted, a local minister stayed the night in the castle. He, instead, met his demise on that night with witnesses saying his room had been ransacked and the minister had fallen to his death.  |Book Now

18 | Airth Castle, Near Stirling, Scotland

44 most haunted hotels around the world and the spooky stories behind them 19
Airth Castle, Scotland

Built-in the 14th-century, Airth Castle near Stirling, Scotland, is now served as a hotel cum spa. But the rooms 3, 9, and 23 are said to have various paranormal disturbances. Guests and staff have reported hearing children playing in those rooms especially when they were empty. The children are believed to be spirits of those hapless children who had died in a fire with their nanny. Many people also claim they have seen the ghost of a dog roaming the halls which will nip at your ankles. But don’t worry, you can not even feel at the moment that it’s not a living creature, even after reading this story.  |Book Now

19 | The Ettington Park Hotel, Stratford-Upon-Avon, United Kingdom

44 most haunted hotels around the world and the spooky stories behind them 20
The Ettington Park Hotel, United Kingdom

This 19th-century country house with great architecture, now served as the hotel, has long been famous for its haunted reputation. The most-seen ghost is that of a woman in white who roams the halls and if anyone sees her, she just disappears through walls. She is known as the ghost of “Lady Emma”, a former governess. A ghost known as the Grey Lady is also witnessed occasionally floating to the bottom of the stairs where she is said to have fallen to her death. Apart from these, apparitions of a man and his dog, a monk, an army officer, and two boys are seen regularly in the hotel area.  |Book Now

20 | Dalhousie Castle, Near Edinburgh, Scotland

44 most haunted hotels around the world and the spooky stories behind them 21
Dalhousie Castle, Scotland

Dalhousie Castle and Spa is a stunningly luxurious and traditional hotel, packed to the rafters with period features, antiques and relics. But this beautiful 13th-century hotel is said to be haunted by the ghost of Lady Catherine of Dalhousie, who has been seen roaming the grounds, mostly near the dungeons. She was the daughter of the previous owners and died when she starved herself in retaliation when her parents forbid her from dating the man she loved.  |Book Now

21 | The Savoy Hotel, Mussoorie, India

44 most haunted hotels around the world and the spooky stories behind them 22
The Savoy Hotel, Mussoorie, India

The Savoy is a historic luxury hotel located in the hill station, Mussoorie, in the Uttarakhand state of India. It was built in 1902 and its story dates back to the year 1910 when Lady Garnet Orme was found dead under mysterious circumstance, she died perhaps from poisoning. It is believed that the hotel’s corridors and halls are extremely haunted by her spirit.

It’s very surprising to know that this establishment inspired Agatha Christie’s first novel, The Mysterious Affair at Styles (1920). Hotel guests and visitors have reported witnessing several inexplicable activities and a lady’s whispers have been even recorded by the famous paranormal investigation organization named Indian Paranormal Society. |Book Now

22 | Chillingham Castle, Northumberland, England

44 most haunted hotels around the world and the spooky stories behind them 23
Chillingham Castle, Northumberland

Chillingham Castle is a 13th-century structure famed for action and battles and now known as one of the most haunted castles in England. This castle is home to fine rooms, gardens, lakes, fountains and tea rooms, as well as the ‘blue boy’ who has been seen as a blue orb hovering above guest’s beds and is also thought to haunt the so-called Pink Room. The ghost of Lady Mary Berkeley is also seen around the castle and guests have claimed to have faintly heard her. The castle is also thought to be haunted by the ghosts of the victims of torturer John Sage, whose chamber remains in the castle.

Just twenty minutes from the seaside, this romantic and thriving castle is perfect for short breaks or family days out! Or if someone is looking for a more chilling experience, as one of the most haunted castles in England, the ‘Torture Chamber’ and evening Ghost Tours are sure to entertain.  |Book Now

23 | The Schooner Hotel, Northumberland, United Kingdom

44 most haunted hotels around the world and the spooky stories behind them 24
The Schooner Hotel, Northumberland

This is a storied hotel in a 17th-century coaching inn with cozy rooms, pub food and two bars. Many news reports claim that according to the Poltergeist Society of Great Britain, the Schooner Hotel has been named the most haunted hotel in the country with over 3,000 sightings and 60 individual apparitions. Guests have heard whispers and scream coming from rooms 28, 29, and 30. The ghost of a soldier who walks the corridors is a frequent sighting by guests, as well as a maid who haunts the stairs.  |Book Now

24 | Flitwick Manor Hotel, England

44 most haunted hotels around the world and the spooky stories behind them 25
Flitwick Manor Hotel, England

Flitwick Manor Hotel is located in Bedfordshire, England. This manor was built in 1632 by Edward Blofield. After Blofield’s death, many renowned families such as the Rhodes family, Dell family, Fisher family, Brooks family, Lyall family and Gilkison family had lived here respectively. Later it was converted into a hotel in the 1990s.

One day when builders were brought in to do some repairs at this Manor, a wooden door was discovered which opened into a hidden room. After the room had been opened, the staff at the hotel noticed an ominous change in the Manor’s atmosphere and many travellers claim to see a mysterious old woman who appears and gradually disappears into the thin air. She is believed to be the ghost of Mrs. Banks who was once a housekeeper in the Lyall family.  |Book Now

25 | Whispers Estate, United States

44 most haunted hotels around the world and the spooky stories behind them 26
Whispers Estate, United States

Whispers Estate is a 3,700 square feet mansion built in 1894. It was named ‘Whispers Estate’ after the ongoing whispers in the structure. It is reportedly the most haunted place in Indiana, United States. The ghosts of the owner and their two adopted children haunt this place that gives a feel of an absolute macabre. Actually, it’s not a hotel at all but you could stay at this mansion after spending a few dollars. They offer range from flashlight tours (1hr) and mini paranormal investigations (2-3hrs), to full overnight paranormal investigations (10hrs).  |Book Now

26 | Nottingham Road Hotel, South Africa

44 most haunted hotels around the world and the spooky stories behind them 27
Nottingham Road Hotel, South Africa

Built in 1854, the Nottingham Road Hotel, located in KwaZulu-Natal, is indeed a pleasant stop for travellers but it has a dark side too. In the 1800s, this hotel was once a home cum pub of a beautiful prostitute lady named Charlotte. But one day, she fell down from her room-balcony and died unexpectedly. It is said that her restless spirit still haunts this hotel area. Prominently, the room number 10, which was used to be her living room, has allegedly the most disturbances.

Many travellers claim that they often hear her footsteps on the staircase and the sounds of doors opening and closing of this room at night. There have also been reported various unnatural activities such as moving pots around the pub, moving light fixtures and sheets, ringing the service bell, and breaking of photo frames on their own that could chill you to the bone.  |Book Now

27 | Fort Magruder Hotel, Williamsburg, Virginia, US

44 most haunted hotels around the world and the spooky stories behind them 28
Fort Magruder Hotel, Williamsburg

If you’re really interested in the scary Halloween night and looking for a unique experience in Williamsburg, book a room at Fort Magruder Hotel. The land on which the structure lies is filled with an epic and soaked with blood flowed in the Battle of Williamsburg. Guests report seeing Civil War soldiers in their rooms and even encountering spirits pretending to be hotel staff. Several paranormal research teams have conducted their investigations at the hotel, and found a number of startling supernatural evidence such as unusual EVP readings and photographic anomalies.  |Book Now

28 | Closed Diplomat Hotel, Baguio City, Philippines

44 most haunted hotels around the world and the spooky stories behind them 29
Closed Diplomat Hotel, Baguio City, Philippines

The Diplomat Hotel on Dominican Hill, Baguio City, Philippines closed to the public since 1987 after the owner’s death. During the time when this hotel was still in operation, employees and guests used to claim to have been hearing strange noises inside the building. They even claimed to see headless figures carrying a platter with their severed damaged head on it, walking along the corridors wailing for justices. Some alleged that these apparitions could be the ghosts of nuns and priests beheaded by the Japanese during World War II.

This eerie-looking abandoned building is still famous for the sightings of those headless apparitions.  Local residents living nearby recite that they can see the headless ghostly figures roaming the grounds of this hotel and hear the doors banging at late night, despite the fact that the structure now doesn’t have any door.

There is a popular story from the early 1990’s that a group of freshly graduate students from a renowned high school in Baguio enter the Diplomat hotel to enjoy a night of laughter and booze. Their “drinking session” started off well until suddenly one of their friends starts to talk in a different language and in a different voice, expressing them to leave from the building area immediately. One of them even said that he had seen ghostly figures by the windows of the hotel. They started to run dragging their “possessed” friend along with them, and upon reaching several meters away from the entrance of the hotel grounds their friend seemed coming back to his normal state.

29 | Morgan House Tourist Lodge, Kalimpong, India

44 most haunted hotels around the world and the spooky stories behind them 30
Morgan House Tourist Lodge, Kalimpong, India

Originally a residence to a British family, this building was abandoned by George Morgan after the death of his wife, Lady Morgan. Now a tourist lodge, guests often report that someone roams the halls of this establishment, making their presence felt. If the dilapidated state of the Morgan House was not scary enough, the stories of a scorned Mrs. Morgan before she died, and frequent claims of having heard her walking around in high heels will do the trick.  |Book Now

30 | The Kitima Restaurant, Cape Town, South Africa

44 most haunted hotels around the world and the spooky stories behind them 31
The Kitima Restaurant, Cape Town, SA

Though this is neither a hotel nor any night stay place, after reading this story, you will definitely get it that why it has occupied its place in our most haunted hotel’s list.

There was a young Dutch woman named Elsa Cloete who lived in the age-old Hout Bay homestead that now houses Kitima restaurant back in the mid-1800s, and despite the passing of over 160 years, many reports that she still dwells the building today. The story goes that the poor lass was once in love with a British soldier who hanged himself from an oak tree near the manor when her father prohibited them from dating, and soon after, she too died from a broken heart.

Nowadays, Kitima hotel staff occasionally witness the bizarre occurrences like pots flying off their hooks on kitchen walls and lights dimming inexplicably, and similarly, guests have claimed to have seen the eerie figure of a woman standing at one of the manor’s windows as well as the outline of a young man lurking outside between the property’s oaks, staring longingly at the house. Out of respect for the doomed duo, the restaurant sets a table laden with food and wine for them every night, and many will tell you, you can sense the pair sitting and supping there!

Unfortunately, Kitima has recently left and gone back to Bangkok. Therefore, this beautiful Thai-restaurant is now recorded closed at the location in Cape Town.  |Website

31 | Hotel Chelsea, New York, United States

44 most haunted hotels around the world and the spooky stories behind them 32
Hotel Chelsea, New York, United States

There are plenty of famous guests and ghosts at New York’s Hotel Chelsea, including Dylan Thomas, who died of pneumonia while staying here in 1953, and Sid Vivious whose girlfriend was stabbed to death here in 1978.  |Book Now

32 | Omni Parker House, Boston, Massachusetts, United States

44 most haunted hotels around the world and the spooky stories behind them 33
Omni Parker House, Boston

The Omni Parker House is a hotel with stately, traditionally furnished rooms in an elegant 1800s lodging with dining and a cocktail bar. This hotel is situated in the heart of downtown Boston right along the Freedom Trail and other historic sites making this a perfect stay for those visiting Boston.

This eponymous hotel was founded by Harvey Parker in 1855, he was the hotel overseer and resident until his death in 1884. During his lifetime, Harvey was well known for his polite interaction with guests and providing pleasant accommodations.

After his death, many guests have reported seeing him inquiring about their stay – a truly dedicated and “spirited” hotelier. The 3rd floor certainly has its share of paranormal activity as well. Guests of Room 303 used to occasionally report strange shadows throughout the room and that the bathtub water would just turn on randomly on its own. Later, the hotel authority eventually turned this room into a storage closet for unspecified reasons.

Besides being haunted, the Parker House claims the invention of two famous foodstuffs, the Parker House Roll and Boston Cream Pie, and its restaurant was the first job for celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse out of culinary school.  |Book Now

33 | Brij Raj Bhawan Palace Hotel, Rajasthan, India

44 most haunted hotels around the world and the spooky stories behind them 34
Brij Raj Bhawan, Rajasthan, India

The Brij Raj Bhawan Palace ― a nineteenth-century mansion that was used to be a British Officials-residence in Kota, in the Indian state of Rajasthan. Later in the 1980s, it was converted into a heritage hotel. In between the 1840s and 1850s, a British Major named Charles Burton served as the British Official Resident to Kota at this mansion. But Major Burton and his two sons were all killed by Indian sepoys during the 1857 Mutiny.

It is said that Charles Burton’s ghost often appears to haunt the historic building and many guests have complained to experience an uneasy feeling of dread inside the hotel. It has also been reported by the hotel staff that their watchmen often hear a disembodied English voice that distinctly says, “Don’t sleep, no smoking” followed by a sharp slap. But except these playful slaps, he doesn’t harm anybody in the other way.  |Book Now

34 | Crescent Hotel & Spa, Eureka Springs, Arkansas, United States

44 most haunted hotels around the world and the spooky stories behind them 35
Crescent Hotel & Spa, Arkansas, United States

Established In 1886, Crescent Hotel is a uniquely furnished hotel located in Downtown Eureka Springs. This beautiful and ornate Victorian hotel is bound with a spa & salon, a rooftop pizzeria, a grand dining room, a swimming pool and 15 acres of manicured gardens with hiking, biking and walking trails providing it with the likeable features for every type of people.

But this hotel has some sad stories too, several famous guests have “checked out but never left,” including Michael, the Irish stonemason who helped to build the hotel; Theodora, a patient of Baker’s Cancer Curing Hospital in the late 1930s; and “the lady in the Victorian nightgown,” whose ghost likes to stand at the foot of the bed in Room 3500 and stare at sleeping guests while they sleeping. There are dozens of such non-living guests and their scary stories that have been reported occurring in this Ozark Mountains hotel. |Book Now

35 | Biltmore Hotel, Coral Gables, United States

44 most haunted hotels around the world and the spooky stories behind them 36
Biltmore Hotel, Coral Gables, US

Biltmore is a luxury hotel in Coral Gables, Florida, United States. It was found just 10 minutes from downtown Miami, but seems to be in a dimension of its own. Opened in 1926, the hotel received much fanfare, and later was home to a 13th-floor speakeasy — run by local mobsters for the rich — in which, an unexplained murder of a notable mobster took place. During World War II, it was turned into a hospital before returning as a deluxe hotel in 1987. Ghosts of the veterans and the mobster, who died, have been reported on many of the hotel’s floors. The mobster ghost seems to especially enjoy the company of women.  |Book Now

36 | Queen Mary Hotel, Long Beach, United States

44 most haunted hotels around the world and the spooky stories behind them 37
Queen Mary Hotel, Long Beach, US

The retired Queen Mary ship and hotel in Long Beach, California, is so much celebrated as a ‘haunted destination in America’ that it even offers haunted tours of its most paranormal hotspots. Among the spirits spotted here is a “lady in white,” a sailor who died in the ship’s engine room and children who drowned in the ship’s swimming pool. |Book Now

37 | Logan Inn, New Hope, United States

44 most haunted hotels around the world and the spooky stories behind them 38
Logan Inn, New Hope, US

The quaint Pennsylvania Logan Inn dates back to before the beginning of the Revolutionary War, and is considered to be one of the most haunted buildings in America with at least eight ghosts roaming its rooms and hallways. Most of the reported ghost sightings take place in Room No 6, where guests have allegedly seen a dark figure standing behind them in the bathroom mirror. There are reports of white mists moving throughout the hallways during the nighttime and small children appearing and disappearing in the rooms. One particular ghost, a giggling little girl, reportedly likes to watch as women comb their hair in the bathroom.  |Book Now

38 | Ross Castle, Ireland

44 most haunted hotels around the world and the spooky stories behind them 39
Ross Castle, Ireland

Located along the banks of a lake in County Meath, Ireland, this 15th-century castle is now a bed and breakfast. According to local legend, the daughter of an evil English lord, known as the Black Baron, haunts the halls of Ross Castle, while the Baron himself haunts the grounds. The castle is operated by the Office of Public Works and is open to the public seasonally with guided tours.  |Book Now

39 | The Stanley Hotel, Colorado, United States

44 most haunted hotels around the world and the spooky stories behind them 40
The Stanley Hotel, Colorado, United States

The Stanley Hotel is widely considered to be one of the most haunted hotels in America, and it even served as the inspiration for Steven King’s chilling novel, “The Shining.” Countless guests have encountered paranormal activity, including doors shutting, pianos playing and unexplained voices, while visiting the hotel, especially on the fourth floor and in the concert hall. The hotel even offers ghost tours and an extended five-hour paranormal investigation.  |Book Now

40 | Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, California, United States

44 most haunted hotels around the world and the spooky stories behind them 41
Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, California, US

Marilyn Monroe is thought to be one of many restless spirits that haunt Hollywood’s glamorous Hotel Roosevelt, where she lived for two years while her modelling career was taking off. Other reports of cold spots, photographic orbs and mysterious phone calls to the hotel operator add to its mystique.  |Book Now

41 | Dragsholm Slot, Zealand, Denmark

44 most haunted hotels around the world and the spooky stories behind them 42
Dragsholm Slot, Zealand, Denmark

Dragsholm Slot or also know as Dragsholm Castle is a historic building in Zealand, Denmark. It was originally built in 1215 and between the 16th and 17th-century parts of it were used to house prisoners of noble or ecclesiastical rank, and in 1694 it was rebuilt in a Baroque style. Today, the old castle is served as a luxurious hotel with lavish rooms, parkland gardens and a highly-rated restaurant serving food that has all been sourced locally.

This castle is thought to be extremely haunted by the three ghosts: a grey lady, a white lady, and the ghost of one its prisoners, James Hepburn, the 4th Earl of Bothwell. It’s rumoured that the grey lady used to work as a maid in the building while the other was the daughter of one of the previous castle owners.  |Book Now

42 | The Shelbourne Hotel, Dublin, Ireland

44 most haunted hotels around the world and the spooky stories behind them 43
The Shelbourne Hotel, Dublin, Ireland

Founded in 1824, The Shelbourne Hotel, named after the 2nd Earl of Shelburne, is a famous luxury hotel situated in a landmark building on the north side of St Stephen’s Green, in Dublin, Ireland. It’s well known for its splendour, and has been voted the number one hotel in Dublin in the Reader’s Choice Awards. However, the hotel is said to be haunted by a little girl named Mary Masters who died in the building during a cholera outbreak. Mary is said to roam the halls and has surprised many guests who have woken up to see her standing beside their bed she has also told guests that she is frightened and has been heard crying on occasion.  |Book Now

43 | The Myrtles Plantation, Louisiana, ST Francisville, United States

44 most haunted hotels around the world and the spooky stories behind them 44
The Myrtles Plantation, Louisiana, US

Hidden in a forest of giant oak trees is one of America’s most haunted homes, The Myrtles Plantation. It was built by General David Bradford in 1796 on ancient Indian burial grounds and has reputedly been the scene of a number of gruesome deaths. Now serving as a bed and breakfast, staff and visitors have countless ghost stories to tell. One of these stories involves a servant called Chloe who poisoned her employer’s wife and daughters. She was hanged for her crime and thrown into the Mississippi River.

It is claimed that the souls of her victims are now trapped inside a mirror at the property. During the filming of The Long Hot Summer’furniture on the set was continuously moved when the crew left the room. There are reports of stopped or broken clocks that tick, of portraits whose expressions change, of beds that shake and levitate, and of bloodstains on the floor that appear and disappear.  |Book Now

44 | The Banff Springs Hotel, Canada

44 most haunted hotels around the world and the spooky stories behind them 45
The Banff Springs Hotel, Canada

The Banff Springs Hotel in Alberta, Canada, is a luxury stop-off point for travellers, but it has a dark side too. It’s rumoured to be one of the country’s most haunted hotels. Terrifying reports include the sighting of a ‘Bride’ on the staircase with flames from the back of her dress, who once died falling down the stairs – breaking her neck – after panicking when her dress caught fire. The ‘Dead Family’ in room No 873, who were brutally murdered in that room. Though the door to the room has since been bricked up. The former bellman, ‘Sam Macauley,’ who served at the hotel during the 60s and 70s, and is still seen to this day giving his service by dressed up in his 60s uniform. But if you try to make a conversation or tip him, he just disappears.  |Book Now

Halloween is coming fast, but for fans of creepy paranormal things like you, the haunting season never has to end. So we have compiled this list of some of the most haunted hotels in the world for you. To experience chills and thrills at any time, simply vacation at one of these famously haunted attractions and see what happens – this strategy is what led world-famous horror novelist Stephen King to write one of his bestselling masterpieces, “The Shining” after he intentionally checked into a famously haunted Colorado hotel. So, what will be your next haunted destination??