The forgotten scientist Juan Baigorri and his lost rain-making device

Since the beginning, our dreams have always made us more thirsty to invent all the miracle things and many of them are still walking with us in this advanced era whereas some have been mysteriously lost and have never been found again.

Here, we are going to tell you another miracle story of a hi-tech historic invention from the 1930s and afterwards, which is based on an Argentinian scientist named Juan Baigorri Velar and his breakthrough find – The Rainmaking Device that has been lost forever. It is said that the mysterious device could control the weather by making it rain whenever or wherever he wanted.

The forgotten scientist Juan Baigorri and his lost rain-making device 1

The untold scientist Juan Baigorri Velar was an engineering student and studied at the National College of Buenos Aires. Later, he travelled to Italy to specialized in Geophysics at the University of Melan. He was initially working on the measurement of potential electricity and electromagnetic conditions of the Earth.

In 1926, during his work, when he was carrying out some of his own experiments, he was totally astonished to notice that his device induced a few rain showers that dispersed amid his Buenos Aires home surroundings. His master brain instantly started thinking about its yonder future as it could be a breakthrough invention that would have changed the world and the value of its human life entirely. Since then, it was his dream – finding a technology that can perfectly control the rain.

After some years of this incident, Baigorri’s dream for the Rainmaking Device came true finally, and he first used it to make rain in a massive drought-affected area in Argentina. Soon, he becomes famous in all over the country for his miracle discovery, and people begin to call him by “The Lord of the Rain” for bringing back rain over those drought-affected provinces where the rain stopped falling for several months and even several years in some locations.

The forgotten scientist Juan Baigorri and his lost rain-making device 2
Baigorri and the machine to make it rain, at his home in Villa Luro. Buenos Aires, December 1938.

According to some accounts, in Santiago, Baigorri’s amazing Rainmaking Machine killed the drought session that was going on from nearly sixteen months ago. One of the Dr. Pio Montenegro’s notes suggests that Baigorri’s device made 2.36 inches of rain there in just two hours after a long period of three years without raining like this.

“The Lord of the Rain” had also got the nickname “Wizard of Villa Luro” from the skeptics and naysayers including the director of the national meteorological service, Alfred G. Galmarini who challenged Baigorri to induce a certain storm on 2nd June 1939. However, Baigorri accepted the challenge and confidently sent a raincoat to Galmarini with a note that read, “to be used on 2nd June.”

Like Baigorri’s words, it really rained over the alleged spot on time, dismissing all doubts about Baigorri’s fascinating invention – “The Rainmaking Machine”. Later, in Carhue, Baigorri brings back a Michigan like old lagoon within a short period of time. In 1951, Baigorri had said to have produced 1.2 inches of rain again over a few minutes in a rural area of San Juan after eight consecutive rain-free years.

Although Baigorri has never disclosed the detailed function and the mechanism of his super-advanced Rain Making Machine, many people claim that there were circuit A and circuit B in his device for slight drizzles and heavy rains.

With these wondrous activities, one could think that the Rainmaking Device was destined to make Baigorri popular and it acquires an important space in the world’s top invention list, but in reality, no one is familiar with his name in these days. Even, Baigorri is said to have got a few alluring foreign offers to buy his discovery, but he refused, insisting that it was built to only benefit his own country Argentina.

Baigorri Velar died in 1972 at the age of 81 and the last few years of his life were spent through his hardship and poverty. Nobody knew what happened to his enigmatic device, but it is said that on the day he was buried, there was a huge downpour.

Unfortunately, we still don’t know how did his magical Rainmaking Machine really work and where is it now. After all of that, the invention and the performances of Baigorri Velar have always been seen suspiciously. Many skeptics have argued that the weathers it was said to have created were nothing more than some mere-coincidence.