Patents suggest potential alien technology in the US Army

According to some researchers, various governments (such as the United States) have recovered “alien” artefacts. Were these artefacts the source of much of our technology? ― This is what some people do question these days.

Mysterious Patents: Inertial Mass Reduction Device

Internal NAVAIR emails recently obtained by The War Zone suggest that the US Navy is in possession of exotic energy-producing technologies of potential extraterrestrial origin. The patents created by cryptic inventor Dr Salvatore Pais bear names and descriptions such as “high-temperature superconductor”, “high-frequency gravitational wave generator”, “electronic field generator” and “plasma compression fusion device”.

All of which sounds very advanced and others mundane, don’t they? The US Navy also appears to have some type of hybrid aerospace/submarine craft that patent applications reveal to be equipped with an “Inertial Mass Reduction Device.” A diagram of what The Drive describes as the theoretical building blocks of a UFO-like craft is also present in the patent applications.

An image from Pais’s “Craft Using an Inertial Mass Reduction Device” patent © USPTO

Dubbed as a “ship using an inertial mass reduction device,” the image above is one of many created by Pais, who at the time these patent applications were filed was an aerospace engineer at Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) and the Warfare Center Aircraft Division (NAWCAD) in Patuxent River, Maryland.

The Drive Reports

“Each of the recent Pais inventions relies on what the inventor calls ‘the Pais effect’, described in numerous publications by the inventor as the controlled movement of electrically charged matter (from solid to plasma) through the accelerated spin and/or accelerated vibration under rapid (albeit smooth) acceleration-deceleration-acceleration transients.”

Although some of the so-called “experts” scoff at these and other extraterrestrial concepts for lacking experimental evidence, Pais in a series of e-mail correspondence expressed confidence that his work will be correct “one good day.”

Does the military have advanced knowledge of nuclear fusion technology?

Though partially redacted, the emails and patent applications obtained by The War Zone are a true revelation. They suggest that the US military has some incredibly powerful technologies in its possession that, at first glance, would appear to exist only in science fiction movies.

Salvatore Cesar Pais
Alleged photograph of Salvatore Cesar Pais holding two Super Hornet and Growler aircraft models © Chinese Internet /

However, Pais’ inventions are not mere chimaeras, as evidenced by one of the redacted emails indicating that a doctor, whose identity has been blocked from view, gave his “unreserved approval” for a document covering patents. This doctor describes himself as “one of the world’s leading authorities on advanced power and propulsion/quantum vacuum engineering,” and the email further explains that he sent Pais’s study to several of his colleagues for review.

The email the doctor sent to his colleagues indicates

“I would like to draw your attention to a recently published article… ‘The High Energy Electromagnetic Field Generator’… which has great implications regarding the feasibility of gravitational (and therefore inertial) mass reduction by accelerated spin and accelerated vibration of electrically charged systems. The enabling of extreme speeds of the ships and, therefore, the feasibility of intergalactic travel using current materials and engineering methods, is possible with this publication.”

While the identities of the colleagues who received this email are unknown, it is speculated that one of them could be aerospace engineer H. David Froning, who has published numerous peer-reviewed studies on ‘new directions in electromagnetic fields to control nuclear fusion reactions’.


Many of the technologies discussed in the Froning studies were patented by Pais, so it is safe to assume that the two have worked together in the past, and probably still do.

The War Zone reports

“… some of the languages in Froning’s book review echoes the language in some of these internal NAVAIR emails.”

Here’s what Pais concluded in his email

“One thing is for sure, the existence of this whitepaper and its current acceptance by leading authorities in the field will greatly facilitate the patent examination process, which will hopefully culminate in two essential patents for the technologically advanced future of the Navy.”

Despite these new details, we are as baffled as ever by these strange patents and what they could mean for the “technologically advanced future of the Navy.” We have yet to find experimental validations or experts in the field that can confirm Pais’s theories.