The center of the universe in Tulsa puzzles everyone

The “Center of the Universe”―an amazingly strange place in Tulsa, Oklahoma that baffles people for its strange characteristics. If you have ever been in this city on the Arkansas River, in the U.S. state of Oklahoma, you must have witnessed the miracle of the “Center Of The Universe.” This mindboggling place is located in downtown Tulsa which attracts more than ten thousand tourists from across the country every year.

The center of the universe in Tulsa puzzles everyone 1
The Center Of The Universe in Tulsa, Oklahoma, U.S.

Named after the city’s burgeoning music festival, the Center of the Universe in Tulsa has always been in the news because of several mysterious activities within this area.

The Mystery Of The Center Of The Universe:

The “Center of the Universe” in Tulsa is a small circle of about 30 inches in diameter. The circle is made up of two broken concrete, surrounded by one more ring which consists of 13 bricks and so on. Altogether it adds up to 8 feet in diameter.

The mysterious thing about this circle of the “Center Of The Universe” is If you talk while standing in it, you will hear your own voice echoing back at you but outside the circle, nobody can hear that echo sound. Even experts are not so clear exactly why does it happen.

center of the universe
When you stand inside the concrete circle and make a noise, the noise is echoed back and is heard much louder than the original one. But it is inaudible to anyone outside the circle.

To make things even stranger, if you try talking to a person while standing outside the concrete circle, the voice you will hear will be distorted and unclear.

The Creation Of The Center Of The Universe In Tulsa:

This mysterious acoustic anomaly was created in the 1980s when engineers rebuilt the bridge after a fierce fire. The surface of this circle has been studied by many people including some experienced persons. They have come up with some interesting theories.

One theory states that the distortion of the sound is because of the parabolic reflectivity of the circular planter walls that surround the circle.

While some visitors believe it as a vortex where all the cosmic energies collide, or the ghosts of a parallel universe are playing with us. However, until now, there has been no clear explanation of what’s causing the occurrence.

Standing on the circle, you might drop a small pin on the concrete surface and expect to hear just a ‘tink’. However, what you might hear is a loud crash due to the sound echoing.

Defying all the laws of physics when it comes to sound and reflection, this particular point has puzzled everyone to this day.

The Center of the Universe Is A Great Place To Visit:

The Center of the Universe is truly a fantastic place to visit. Many others have even chosen the spot for a fun night out with friends, engagement pictures and marriages.

Several feet southwest of the Center of the Universe is another significant downtown Tulsa landmark named “Artificial Cloud.” Native American artist, Bob Haozous made this back in 1991 for the Mayfest.

The center of the universe in Tulsa puzzles everyone 2
The “Artificial Cloud” sculpture on downtown’s Boston Avenue pedestrian bridge was designed by Native American artist Bob Haozous. © TripAdvisor

Located on downtown’s Boston Avenue pedestrian bridge, the “Artificial Cloud” sculpture is a massive steel monument over 22 metres tall. It was built on the premise so that more visitors would look at a naturally rusting steel cloud than at the real thing.

How To Reach The Center of the Universe In Tulsa?

Center of the Universe is located in the north-west of the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame. You can use Google Maps to get the direction.

Type “Center of the Universe, Tulsa” in the search box from your current location to reach the destination.
The Mystery Of The Center Of The Universe: