Was Jesus an Anunnaki? Is this the way they reshaped our history?

Anunnaki comes from ancient Mesopotamian mythology. Anunnaki has gained popularity and controversy in modern times, with some theorists suggesting that they were extraterrestrial beings who visited Earth in ancient times and influenced human civilizations.

Ancient writings were deciphered leading to a fascinating theory that challenges us as a race. Nearly 3.9 billion years ago, our Astro Sun, thanks to its gravitational force, attracted an intruder planet within our planetary system. It was a reddish planet with a colossal size that we can only compare with the mighty Jupiter, the Sumerians called it Nibiru, “the crossing planet”.

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A star that had formed in another solar system had infiltrated our guest by our sun. By deviating from its orbit, Nibiru, caused an unprecedented cosmic disaster, since it was on a collision course with another colossus, a planet called Tiamat, a watery star made up of great oceans. The latter had 11 satellites, the largest of which was called Kingu (The moon).

At that time within our solar system, there were only 8 planets that the Sumerians called this: Mummu (Mercury), Lahamu (Venus), Lahmu (Mars), Tiamat, Kishar (Jupiter), Anshar (Saturn), Anu (Uranus) and EA (Neptune). The sun was called “Apsu”, in the texts, it appears as some planets arose from other larger celestial bodies, others maintain that Uranus and Neptune come from a cloud that originated in the rings of Saturn.

When Nibiru passed near Anshar (Saturn), it started one of its satellites with its gravitational field and moved it to the outskirts of the solar system, that satellite was known as “Gaga”, our current Pluto. Later, a collision of unimaginable magnitudes between Nibiru and Tiamat, would leave the latter without any life and swarming aimlessly through the solar system. After 3,600 years, Nibiru would return to the system to cross it between Mars and Jupiter, in this second incursion it would impact again with the mass of the already touched Tiamat, this time, splitting it into two portions.

One of them would incarnate our current planet earth, the other would become a ring of asteroids that would separate the internal stars from the external ones. Ki (mainland below), who would enjoy the warm rays of Apsu, and the luminous nights thanks to Kingu, the moon.

The Anunnaki counted a Nibiruan year as a Shar, which in Earth time would be 3,600 years, just as long as it takes Nibiru to make a complete revolution through its intrusive orbit around our solar system. But of course, for the Anunnaki of Nibiru, those 3,600 years would only represent one on their calendar.

But what does NASA hide about the return of Nibiru? Is a cataclysm of great magnitude approaching? Is there any current evidence of their possible return? The systematic misinformation to which the mainstream media expose us, added to the lock that comes from certain State agencies, places us in a remarkable degree of vulnerability around the veracity of the reality that crosses us.

The sighting of two “suns” in some parts of the planet, the Hawaii observatory watching a sunrise with a bright planet not officially recognized, thunderous sounds in different parts of the globe that come from above, have puzzled even the most sceptical.

There are many theories, many hypotheses, but the vastness of the unknown is as overwhelming as it is concrete.

Clay tablets with cuneiform language found in Iraq

Akkadian cylinder seal dating to c. 2300 BC depicting the deities Inanna, Utu, and Enki, three members of the Anunnaki. ResearchGate

In these texts, the true history and origin of the human being are written. The dead language specialist Zecharia Sitchin, dedicated more than 30 years of his life to the translation of these Sumerian tablets, to publish his book “The Twelfth Planet” in 1976. Sitchin deciphered the texts and discovered that the Sumerians knew of the existence of all the planets in the solar system.

This including a twelfth star called Nibiru “the crossing planet”, whose elliptical orbit made a step close to the earth every 3,600 years. Its inhabitants, the Anunnaki, came to earth thousands of years ago in search of gold and minerals. Different writings make explicit that thanks to their advanced genetic engineering, it was these who gave rise to the human race.

This is the history ignored by official science because accepting it would mean the invalidity of Darwin’s evolutionary theory, whose bases are unprovable but blindly accepted by the system. A principle-based on manipulation, to cover up the evidence of our extraterrestrial origins.

Scientists and archaeologists have risked their careers to reveal the history that has been forbidden to us. Sumeria, the oldest culture in the world, has provided an important number of texts and evidence, it is in the openness of each individual to accept or not the theory of who were the true creators of humanity.

The Sumerian Gods

Akkadian cylinder seal dating to c. 2300 BC depicting the deities Inanna, Utu, and Enki, three members of the Anunnaki. Wikimedia Commons

The triad of the Sumerian gods was headed by AN (God of the sky), he was the king of the gods, who ruled from heaven decreeing the laws on earth. Married to Antu, he had two sons, Enlil and Enki, faced with each other for the succession of the throne. AN was represented with a star, and the Sumerians worshipped him in the city of Ku.

Enlil (God of wind and storms), was the supreme god of Sumer, a wrathful being who served as a military chancellor. Arrogant and dictator, he was only interested in new conquests on earth to be able to rule. Enlil hated men, tried to destroy the human race three times, the most popular being the universal flood.

His rivalry with Enki was that both were children of different mothers, but as Enlil was the son of Antu, he was the forced heir to the throne. Its symbols were a crown and seven stars “The Pleiades”. His cult centre was in the city of Nippur, where he possessed the so-called “eye that explores the earth.”

Enki (Lord of the earth and God of the waters and seas), was a scientist and engineer with great knowledge of genetic engineering. Through which I design and create the human being, manipulating DNA to improve it through different attempts. He was the only Sumerian God who could be considered beneficial to humanity, distinguished by his wisdom and spiritual philosophy. He was the one who imparted knowledge to ancient man.

He offered his teachings in agriculture, astronomy, astrology, he was a great maritime engineer, capable of manipulating the water courses to supply thirsty peoples. As the creator of man, Enki felt a special devotion to humanity, his intentions and desires were turned to improve the quality of life on earth. On more than one occasion he risked his own life in order to protect the earth from the attack of other gods who only pursued the devastation of it.

The arrival of the Anunnaki

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The first Anunnaki expedition that reached the earth, this according to the tablets, was composed of 50 Anunnaki led by Enki, sent to earth by his father AN. The idea of ​​this trip was none other than to establish a space port in the Persian Gulf, in order to build a large refinery for the extraction of gold and minerals. The Anunnaki faced a serious problem in their ecosystem, on the planet Nibiru, the ultraviolet rays of the sun from their galaxy were causing havoc due to their weak ozone layer, they needed the gold for their survival.

Enki asked his father for permission to build the first town in Southern Mesopotamia, his name was Eridu, which means, “house built in the distance.” The first gold mining expedition failed, Enki returned to Nibiru with Enlil now in charge of trying again.

This time it was in Abzu, “the primordial source”, who in North Africa would receive 600 Anunnaki this time. According to the tablets, the men who came from heaven founded a total of 7 operational bases in Southern Mesopotamia. Zecharia Sitchin was able to discover that those cities were strategically located to receive the spaceships coming from Nibiru.

Ninhursag (Mother Goddess of the Earth), would appear on the scene in order to seduce one of her two brothers, Enlil or Enki since if one of them gave them a son, she would become the heir to the throne. Ninhursag maintained relationships with both, giving birth to many children.

Creation of man


As Enki continued with the extraction of minerals, those in charge of that mission began to organize to protest the unsanitary working conditions. “We are astronauts, not slave miners,” they would complain over and over again.

When Enlil went to the mines for a routine inspection, a revolt broke out. The Anunnaki miners staged a riot, burned their tools, and flocked to Enlil’s house. This was when the latter would contact his father AN to inform him that the gold supply was cut off, the mines were closed, and the Anunnaki refused to obey orders.

The sovereign AN accepted the requests of his subordinates suspending the mining activity. It was there that Enki said, “we will create a man where the Anunnaki gene can be inserted”, he had thought of the homu erectus, a primitive inhabitant who thought as a hybrid to be able to cross genes of both species.

It was there that he altered the laws of life, still unaware of the end that this experiment could have. The council would approve the initiative and argue: “Create a LULU (primitive slave) and let it suffer the yoke of the Anunnaki.” Very short deadlines were set, and together with his sister Ninhursag, a geneticist, they would start working. They took a female hominid to extract the ovum and fertilize it with sperm from a young Anunnaki, once inseminated, it was reimplanted in a female Anunnaki. They would repeat the process with the so-called procreative goddesses, who would give men and women with very limited mental capacity, something that would condition the use of tools correctly.

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That is why Enki would lock himself in his laboratory in Eridu to perfect “homo sapiens”, making him more long-lived and intelligent was his goal, for that he used his own semen. There “Adapa” would be born, whom the biblical texts would define as Adam, who had the ability to reproduce. That enraged Enlil, who only pursued the idea of ​​man as a subject of force, without reasoning, and without the ability to become numerous.

The gods would leave mining to teach them to cultivate fields, recite poetry, and dance and sing for them. This until some men were ordained priests so that they have their activity inside the temples worshipping the gods. Each Anunnaki fed their egocentricity to be worshipped as a god, all we know about these space visitors was thanks to the discovery of some 25,000 clay tablets that relate in detail how this extraterrestrial civilization came to earth more than 445 thousand years ago, creating the human being genetically about 300 thousand.

Who were the Anunnaki? We know that although they were considered gods, they were not centrally so, neither were angels or demons. We can define them as an advanced civilization based on physics and technology, capable of crossing dimensional planes and galaxies.

Was Jesus an Anunnaki? What did the bible hide from us? How much do we know about our origins as a human race?

Had the world accepted the Anunnaki theory, Western monotheism, religious control over the state would have been annulled, prejudices in Darwin’s theory of evolution would have been ignited, and our understanding of ourselves and our place would have been completely transformed. the universe. There would lie one of the many answers why this story has been erased and ignored, modified and transformed into an almost mythological novel.