Veronica Seider – the woman who had the best vision in the world

Do you know the German woman Veronica Seider, who had the best vision in the world?

We all have beautiful eyes and some of us have problems with vision and quality viewing, while some can see everything clearly even in their old age. The common thing is that we all can see the object up-to a certain limit.

Veronica seider

Veronica Seider, a superhuman with remarkable powers, was born in West Germany in 1951. Veronica, like any other German kid, went to school and eventually enrolled at Stuttgart University in West Germany.

Seider broke the basic concept of human vision limit, with her Eagle like “superhuman” eyes. To say, Veronica had eyes with a superhuman ability which helped her to see and identify a person from a distance of a mile away.

Veronica Seider – the woman who had the best vision in the world

Veronica Seider
Veronica Seider’s vision is exceptional. She could see details over a mile away, compared to a typical human who can only see details from 20 feet away. Pixabay

Veronica Seider’s abilities were first noticed by the general public while she was still a student. In October 1972, the University of Stuttgart was conducting vision tests on their students. The process included tests on the resolving power of the human eyes.

Following the visual tests, the university reported that one of their students named Veronica Seider has extraordinary eyesight and could detect and identify a person from 1 mile away, which means 1.6 kilometers away! This is about 20 times better than one average person can see, and the best vision yet reported. Seider was 21-year-old at the time of the visual tests.

Visual acuity in the normal human eyes is 20/20, while in the case of Seider, it was about 20/2. Therefore, she could easily and quickly recognize individuals from a distance of one mile and could also calculate their relative distance from her. It was further reported that she was also able to identify an object of micro-level size. For her superhuman vision ability, Veronica Seider got her name in the Guinness World Record Book in 1972.

Aside from that, Veronica’s vision is comparable to that of a telescope. She further claimed to be able to see the colors that make up a frame on a colored television display.

Any color, according to science, is made up of three base or primary colors: red, blue, and green. Each color is seen by normal eyes as a combination of primary colors in varying quantities. People who are blind, unfortunately, have no way of knowing what hue they are seeing.

Veronica Seider, on the other hand, could see colors in terms of their components: red, blue, and green. It’s really strange. Although Veronica had superhuman eyesight, it is considered as a genetic abnormality (it’s better to have such abnormalities).

What is the scientific reason behind Veronica Seider’s superhuman eagle-eyesight?

At 25 cm, the typical human eye’s resolving ability drops to 100 microns, or 0.0003 of a radian. One micron equals one thousandth of a millimetre, thus 100 microns equals roughly one-tenth of a millimetre, which is rather tiny. That’s about the same size as a dot on a sheet of paper.

But the average eye can manage to see even smaller items, provided that the object is bright enough, and the right environmental conditions exist. One such example is a bright star that sits billions of light-years away. Some stars, or other bright light sources that are only 3 to 4 microns across can be seen by an average eye. Now, that is small.

Enhanced abilities of Veronica Seider

Veronica Seider’s visual ability is considered as a paranormal human mystery. Her powerful eyesight enabled her to write a 10-page letter on the back of a postage stamp and read it clearly.

Veronica also proved this by tearing a piece of paper the precise size of her fingernail. She then carefully scribbled 20 verses of a poem on it. Veronica Seider, died on November 22, 2013, she was 62 years old at the time of her death. Even in her old age, Veronica’s vision was believed to be considerably superior to that of any other human.

Despite possessing superhuman abilities, Veronica pursued her ambition of becoming a dentist in West Germany. Along with her choice of profession, Veronica prefers to live like a regular person in a normal life. As a result, she had always decided to stay anonymous.

Is it possible today to have “superhuman” eyesight like Veronica Seider through an advanced eye surgery?

The answer is “Yes” and “No” both. If you want the exceptional vision naturally in a biological way like Veronica Seider, then it’s not possible as of now. The visual acuity of a human is limited by the number of rods and cones that are actually photoreceptor cells presented on the outermost layer of our retina.

Rods are responsible for vision at low light levels (scotopic vision). They do not mediate colour vision, and have a low spatial acuity. Cones are active at higher light levels (photopic vision), are capable of colour vision and are responsible for high spatial acuity. And you can’t increase or decrease the quantity of these photoreceptors through any eye surgery.

But there’s a company named, Ocumetics Technology Corp that is developing a bionic lens which perhaps will do what exactly we want. If you can just barely see the clock at 10 feet, with the Bionic Lens, you’ll see it from 30 feet away!

Ocumetics Bionic Lens
Ocumetics’ Bionic Lens © BigThink

A person with 20/20 vision would actually be able to read what’s written 60 feet away and it’ll be crystal clear. That’s even more than the length of a basketball court. The sharpness and clarity of vision will be nothing like ever before.

The bionic lens empowering man with this superhuman vision is named the Ocumetics Bionic Lens, and was developed by Dr. Garth Webb, an optometrist in Canada, who was looking to enhance human eyesight regardless of age or health.

The procedure is similar to cataract surgery. It involves removing your original lens and replacing it with an Ocumetics’ Bionic Lens, which is folded into a syringe in a saline solution and injected directly into your eye.

The Ocumetics’ Bionic Lens is currently undergoing clinical testing with the ultimate goal of clinical approval. As of April 2019, they have successfully adapted the design of the Bionic Lens for mass production.

Seeing clearly at all distances without glasses or contact lenses is a desire for many of us, and that is fast becoming a reality.

Ocumetics’ bionic lens