The great underground pyramid of Alaska!

The Black Pyramid is buried deep in the ground in the Alaskan desert and would be much larger than the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Ever since its discovery in the early twentieth century, a succession of cover-ups has attempted to conceal the existence of a genuine finding, which, according to many, could be of extraterrestrial origin or the remains of a long-extinct human civilization.

The great underground pyramid of Alaska! 1
Illustration of an advanced underground civilization © Image Credit: DreamsTime

The Alaskan Pyramid was discovered on May 22, 1992, while China was conducting an underground nuclear test in LonPor, China’s northern desert. Initially thought to be a big earthquake, scientists used the seismographic explosion to analyze the Earth’s crust and discovered a pyramidal structure far greater than the Great Pyramid of Egypt near Mount McKinley in Alaska.

Despite its allegedly ancient origins, confirmation of the Black Pyramid’s existence did not emerge until July 26, 2012, when veteran journalist and UFO specialist Linda Moulton Howe reported its discovery on the Coast to Coast AM radio show.

The great underground pyramid of Alaska! 2
Alaskas Triangle, where strange events have been taking place since decades. © Image Credit: Public Domain

Linda Moulton Howe gave a study in which she stated that the area known as the “Alaska Triangle” is a zone of the disappearance of ships, planes, and people and that an estimated 18 thousand individuals had gone missing in that area since 1988.

That night, Linda Moulton Howe broadcast a pre-recorded interview with Doug Mutschler, a former US Army counterintelligence officer, who explained the circumstances surrounding the pyramid’s discovery and disclosed the link between the site and the US military.

Mutschler was relocated from Alaska to Fort Meade, the NSA’s (National Security Agency) headquarters, where he was able to establish that sensitive data verified the pyramid’s tale. Mutschler claims that: “I thought maybe they had something about this pyramid. So I looked up what a librarian would be and I asked him if he had anything about archaeological sites, I didn’t say pyramid. But I said archaeological sites or underground facilities in Alaska”.

‘Well, if we have it, it may be in X, Y, or Z containers,’ he explained. So I went over there and simply looked around; I didn’t discover anything about pyramids, but I did get some information about Alaska from two separate vaults. I had barely sat down when two people approached and said, ‘Hey, you don’t need to know this stuff.’

Mutschler claims that a local NBC affiliate aired a report around 6 months after the blast announcing the discovery of the building, but when he sought to contact the station for a copy of the article, they denied it had been published and said they didn’t have a copy to share.

However, things took a bizarre turn the morning after Linda Moulton Howe’s conversation with Mutschler. The son of a former Western Electric engineer contacted her to validate Mutschler’s statements and to add numerous additional jigsaw pieces.

Howe’s new source indicated that between 1959 and 1961, his father worked on a strong electrical system emanating from a very massive subterranean pyramid of unknown origin in Alaska, and according to the new witness’ accounts:

“After the war, my father majored in electrical engineering and physics, and after graduating from college, he was chosen by the military to join a group of other experts to study and operate in a subterranean building in Alaska known as the ‘Black Pyramid,” in his words.

The great underground pyramid of Alaska! 3
The pyramid trail on Alaska. © Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

He mentioned multiple times how seriously the government regarded this initiative and the precautions they took to keep it hidden. I had assumed it was a military base, but he explained that it was a research project on energy distribution. He went on to become AT&T’s major information supplier, which was, of course, the predecessor of today’s web and cell phone technologies.

In his final years, he would often grumble when he received his power bill, claiming that it could be free if we only knew the reality. Now I’m beginning to suspect he knew a lot more than we believed. I’m going over your articles and studies to see if there are any references to your stay in Alaska.

Since he stated that it was all secret stuff, there may be no information. If the pyramid discovered in 1992 is accurate, our government may have known about it long before then and made tremendous steps to conceal it.”

According to Linda Moulton Howe, the pyramid is located around 80 kilometers southwest of Mount McKinley, and it has been said that the item is clearly very old, having been created and buried by a very advanced society that is unknown to us today.

The “Black Pyramid” was named after it, and it has since been carefully guarded by the US Army and a private military outfit that controls access to the site.