This video of a freshly removed human brain has fascinated the world

Brain, the part of our body that is behind everything we do and we think, and today we are here on the pick of all the existences for this beyond the valuable piece of our body.

Today, we have found a fascinating video where a freshly removed brain can be seen from really very close.

The brain is responsible for doing a lot of our thinking, but we rarely spend a minute time thinking about our brain. It is an extremely delicate organ and incredibly squishy.

The video shown in this article is from a freshly removed brain during an autopsy. Where Suzanne Stensaas, the neuroanatomist from The University Of Utah says that most of us think of the brain like a rubber ball. However, in reality, it is much softer than that. She holds the 3-pound brain in both hands, it is unbelievable to think that right there in her palms is the entire set of experiences that once made up a living, breathing human being.


In some points, it also shakes our thinking system because the person who has recently deceased is now seen as just an experimental object. However, it’s science and science won’t stop its race for someone’s emotion.