A cold stare – The nightmare of a night journey

A girl got on the train one night and saw there were seven rows of empty seats except the last one. Since being a little shy, she sat opposite a woman who was sitting between two men in that last row of the seats. Though she didn’t pay her keen attention to them, she felt that the woman seemed to be staring at her constantly, but she couldn’t quite see her face because the woman had her hood up.


At the next stop, a middle-aged man got into that compartment and sat next to the girl. After a while, the man whispered to the girl, “If you know what’s good for you, you’ll get off at the next stop with me, trust me.” She was scared in such an awkward moment but shortly thought that the best idea would be to get off at the next stop as he asked, as there might be some people around at least.

At the next stop, the girl got off the train with the man and watched the train to speed by. The man then turned to the girl and said, “Thank God, I am a doctor and that hooded woman was dead, the two men beside her were holding her up.”