The chilling story of Midoro Pond in Kita-ku, Kyoto, Japan

Believed to have been formed during the last Ice Age, Midoro Pond (深泥池) located in Kyoto, Japan is a national natural treasure of flora and fauna. Although shallow, the nutrients and decomposition of plants have created a valuable resource for habitat research. Because of this, the area is strictly regulated.

Midoro Pond, Kyoto, Japan
Midoro Pond, Kyoto, Japan

But this natural beauty has a chilling side too that reminds people of the existence of unworldly entities. From a famous urban legend of “phantom passenger” to many unnatural deaths, the Midoro Pond has gained enough reputation for having a dark past.

A few years back, around midnight amongst the loud and busy streets of central Kyoto, a taxi was stopped by a woman dressed in white with long, black hair. After asking to be taken to Midoro Pond, the taxi ventures the long drive to the desolate outskirts of the dark bog. Upon arriving at the destination, when the driver turned back to check his passenger, he realised the woman had vanished from the back seat; leaving behind a mysterious puddle of water.

The locals also recite a number of tragic accidents where patients of the nearby mental health facilities threw themselves to their deaths in the pond. Reports claim that the patients often try to escape supervision only to experience their death by drowning in the pond. Rumours has it that if a person drowns in the pond, their corpse is sucked under the surface and will never be found.

Whereas some believe the pond is bottomless in some of its area. But original reports suggest the deepest part of the pond is not more than twenty metres deep while majority of the pond is less than a metre in depth; causing scepticism as to whether or not someone could commit suicide by drowning, and then have the corpse vanish.

Apart from these, many visitors have claimed to feel overwhelmed with sorrow and pity when venturing near the pond. There are reports of clothes being tugged, ghostly hands pulling unwilling observers towards the surface, and human-like apparitions appearing in the centre of the pond.

Midoro Pond has also been broadcast on television as one of the most active psychic destinations in Japan.