Haunted Places

skinwalker ranch story

Skinwalker Ranch – A trail of mystery

The mystery is nothing but the strange images that live in your mind, haunting forever. A cattle ranch in northwestern Utah, United States sketched the same thing to the life…

What lies under the Faces of Bélmez? 3

What lies under the Faces of Bélmez?

The appearance of strange human faces in Bélmez began in August 1971, when María Gómez Cámara ― wife of Juan Pereira and a housemaker ― complained that a human face…

Most Haunted woods in the UK

6 most haunted woods in the UK

Cracking twigs, branches catching in your hair, and creeping tendrils of mist swirling around your ankles ― there’s no doubt that woods can be spooky places sometimes. Feeling brave? Venture…