Ancient ‘sleeping giants’ discovered in time capsules ready to awaken!

A long time ago ― about a century ― a secret society discovered an incredible cave hidden beneath the Earth’s surface. Inside the cave, were several giants of antiquity, apparently alive, but in a state of alternative animation.

Sleeping giants discovered in time capsules ready to awaken!
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We might think that we really know the truth about all of Earth’s history, but no, there are undoubtedly many mysteries that still deserve to be investigated and the unexplained file of “sleeping giants in stasis chambers” is significantly one of them.

Sleeping giants in stasis chambers

The whistleblower Corey Goode claims to have spent decades in various undisclosed government operations and secret space programs (USA).

Corey Goode, Secret Space Program insider and whistleblower.
Corey Goode, Secret Space Program insider and whistleblower.

During this period, he witnessed a great deal of extremely bizarre events, and visited places he never imagined existed ― and possibly inaccessible to ordinary people. According to him, there are sleeping giants located in stasis chambers hidden all around the world. He says that during his down-time in secret space program assignments (1987-2007) he would review information on “smart glass pads.”

The pads were a Wikipedia-like repository of information that personnel in the Solar Warden and other secret space programs could access about various aspects of ancient Earth history, extraterrestrial life, advanced technologies, etc. Goode described seeing information about giants that once lived on Earth, now sleeping in stasis chambers.

Ancient 'sleeping giants' discovered in time capsules ready to awaken! 1
Illustration of cryosleeping stasis chambers.

One of the most amazing places Goode witnessed was an underground chamber, where the ancient Anunnakis were being held in a state of suspended animation. According to Goode, the chamber was built by a very “Ancient Race of Builders,” and the hibernating giants could be the last of their kind. Several of these giants were kept in crystal tanks, in a state similar to death. However, they were not dead.

What’s behind Goode’s extraordinary claims?

At the time of its demise, this civilization possessed the technological skill that was supposed to alter the flow of time. Thirty thousand years could pass, but for the occupant of the ‘Crystal Capsule’, it would only be a few minutes. However, the whistleblower Corey Goode did not provide yet physical evidence to support his all these claims.

According to Goode, the “smart glass pads” revealed that Abraham Lincoln had seen one of the stasis chamber giants in one of the ancient mounds found across the United States. And this is supported by Lincoln himself. In 1848, while visiting the Niagara Falls, Lincoln gave a speech in which he mentioned the ancient giants:

“The eyes of that species of extinct giants, whose bones fill the mounds of America, have gazed on Niagara, as ours do now.” Abraham Lincoln

The technology to create and maintain the bubbles of time is something that humans dream of one day having, but, according to Goode, this technology has been present on Earth for thousands of years.

The reason behind the giants’ cryosleeping

As to the question of why giants or other humans would allow themselves to be put into stasis, centuries or millennia ago, to awaken in our age, Goode claims the answer may lie in cosmic energies that our solar system is increasingly encountering. This is something he claims secret space programs have been closely monitoring.

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