The Great White Pyramid of Xian: Why China keeps its pyramids a secret?

The White Pyramid myth began during World War II, when eyewitness accounts, especially from pilot James Gaussman, mentioned the appearance of a massive “White Pyramid” near the Chinese city of Xi’an, during a flight between China and India in 1945, he is believed to have seen a white jewel-topped pyramid.

White Pyramid
Image of the “White Pyramid” taken by James Gaussman. © Image Credit: Public Domain

Not only was this amazing structure supposed to be the biggest pyramid in the world, but it was also said to be surrounded by dozens of smaller pyramids, some rising to almost the same height.

Walter Hain, an author, and scientific writer describe Gaussman’s initial view of the pyramid in his homepages. James Gaussman was returning to Assam, India, after flying the ‘Burma Hump,’ which transported supplies from India to Chungking, China, when engine difficulties caused him to momentarily descend to a low altitude above China.

“I banked in order to avoid a mountain, and we emerged into a flat valley. A gigantic white pyramid stood directly below. It appeared to be something from a fairy tale. It was enclosed in a gleaming white shell. This might have been made of metal or a type of stone. On both sides, it was pure white.

The capstone was amazing; it was a massive chunk of jewel-like material that may have been crystal. We could not have landed, no matter how badly we wanted to. We were taken aback by the enormity of the thing.”

White Pyramid
Pyramid near the City Xian, on 34.22 North and 108.41 East. © Image Credit: Public Domain

The New York Times picked up the story and published an article on the pyramid on March 28, 1947. Colonel Maurice Sheahan, director of Trans World Airlines’ Far Eastern division, stated in an interview that he had seen a massive pyramid 40 miles southwest of Xian. The same newspaper published a photo two days following the report, which was eventually credited to Gaussman.

Photographs of the massive pyramid he had shot would not be released for another 45 years. Even his report would remain buried in the Secret Service archives of the United States military until then. Numerous researchers and explorers have attempted to locate the White Pyramid of Xi’an, but none have been successful.

Some claim that the White Pyramid may be hidden amidst the high mountains and deep gorges of the Qin Ling Mountains.

White Pyramid
The government has planted trees on them to disguise them too. After outright denying their existence. © Image Credit: Public Domain

Chinese government designated about 400 pyramids north of Xi’an in 2000, however, the White Pyramid was not included. Many of the other sites were excavated, revealing mausoleums shaped more like Mesoamerican pyramids, which vary from Egyptian pyramids in that they are flat-topped and covered with flora.

Ancient members of China’s royal class were buried in these burial mounds, where they planned to lie in peace for eternity. The majority of the pyramids are exceedingly difficult to spot, as they are hidden by lush hillsides and hills, as well as long grass and trees. Only a few of the structures have been made available to tourists.

The Chinese government has provided easy justifications for why no one is permitted to enter, notably that enthusiastic archaeologists and visitors may do damage to the relics.

Officials believe they are waiting for technology to improve sufficiently to fully dig the pyramids and their valuable contents. After all, some of the pyramids are thought to be as old as 8,000 years.

Westerners have speculated endlessly about the pyramids’ purpose and energy, as well as their astrological significance. According Noopept stock to scholars, “the cardinal points of North, South, East, and West were all significant to certain kings.” Lining up your tomb with the axis of the world was proof that you were still number one.”

The most common conspiracy theory includes extraterrestrials, who are said to be the original architects. Is it feasible that Erich von Däniken’s and others’ ancient astronaut theories might also apply to the Chinese pyramids? Wherever there is concealment, conspiracy theories automatically emerge.