Scientists claim that there is another world under Antarctica’s ice

In January 2013, The Whillans Ice Stream Subglacial Access Research Drilling (WISSARD) Project had made a strange discovery that revealed the existence of enormous wetlands beneath the ice of western Antarctica that might host species unseen in any part else of this world.

Scientists claim that there is another world under Antarctica’s ice 1
A digital illustration of advanced civilization in Antarctica. © Ancientic

The National Science Foundation officially commissioned the WISSARD Project to formally scan beneath Antarctica’s ice since many anticipated this with the future global warming, we could be able to learn more and more about our distant past as we know it.

The discovery was made about 2,700 feet below the ice when they said that they followed the Lake Whillans to see where it leads them, only to discover that a gigantic void exists 2,700 feet below the ice.

So far, nothing is known about this underworld formation, but many feel that it might imply the Hollow Earth Theory to be correct after all, as it intensifies the possibility that an advanced, sophisticated civilization might really reside under our planet’s surface parallelly with us.

Who knows what’s brewing underneath the eternal ice of Antarctica? Maybe, once we drill down into the marshes, we’ll find totally other lifeforms, such as aliens, reptilians, or even humans who once had rebelled against our society’s standards and opted to build their own civilization right beneath our noses.