A prehistoric Stone Henge in Australia that can activate all the other sacred sites!

The surrounding areas are super high vibe and home to many shamans, medicine people and conscious activists.

In Mullumbimby, Australia, there is a prehistoric Stone Henge that aboriginal elders say, once put back together, this sacred site can activate all the other sacred sites and ley lines around the world.

A prehistoric Stone Henge in Australia that can activate all the other sacred sites! 1
Australia’s Stonehenge – 40 Kilmometres from Mullumbimby in New South Wales – would have looked like pre-1940s. © Richard Patterson / Fair Use

Late Australian journalist Frederic Slater, who was the president of the Australian Archaeological Society in the 1930s – detailed the location of ‘Australia’s Stonehenge’.

According to Slater, the farmer whose land the rock formation sat on feared he would lose his livelihood, and in 1940 tasked his then 15-year-old son with destroying the ‘sacred site’. Slater had also made a number of extraordinary claims about this ancient structure.

People say there is a powerful energy that emanates from the Stone Henge, and many believe that it has the ability to activate the chakras and awaken the kundalini energy of those who visit it.

According to the report, the indigenous people of the area have used this sacred site for centuries for their spiritual rituals and ceremonies.

They believe that the Stone Henge holds the key to unlocking the mysteries of the universe and connecting with higher realms of consciousness.

Many who have visited the Stone Henge have reported experiencing profound spiritual experiences, feeling a deep sense of grounding, and a powerful connection to the earth and the cosmos.

Some have even reported physical healing and miraculous transformations in their lives. The surrounding areas of Mullumbimby are filled with likeminded individuals who are passionate about the spiritual and environmental causes.

The energy of this land has attracted many conscious activists who are working towards creating a more sustainable and harmonious world. They are committed to sharing their knowledge and wisdom with others, and helping to bring about a global awakening.

On the other end of the story, the mainstream researchers have denied all the extraordinary claims made by Slater. According to them, the work and ideas of pseudo-archaeologist and journalist Frederic Slater, who proposed that Aboriginal Australia formed the core ‘ur’-religion on which all ancient wisdom was founded, are completely without basis.

Whether Slater’s claims are true or not, the Australia’s Stone Henge is a powerful symbol of this movement, reminding us of our connection to the earth, and the importance of honoring and protecting it for future generations.