Nikola Tesla’s Flying Saucer! Would Nikola Tesla have designed a flying platform that worked?

Anti-gravity technology has long been suspected as a real possibility. A hundred years ago, Nikola Tesla designed a flying platform in operation and also patented a flying saucer style spacecraft.

Tesla's Flying Saucer
Conceptual drawing of Tesla’s Flying Saucer

Unfortunately, after his death most of his notebooks and plans were seized by the FBI, which kept him under surveillance as a potentially subversive influence.

This means that the actual details of your plans are not available to the general public. In addition, Otis T Carr, who worked with Tesla, also stated that he had designed an anti-gravity spacecraft and that it was fully operational. However, like Tesia before him, Carr found himself the target of government agencies and there are claims that his experiments were closed by the government.

Tesla was all about the future and its futuristic flying object was at the top of the line the interior of the disc was equipped with flat screens and external video cameras.

It may seem intriguing to know why the United States government would have kept this information from the general public. However, there is apparently a logical reason for the suppression Antigravity technology could essentially lead to free movement of vehicles from cars to spacecraft.

This kind of technology could seriously damage the bottom line of many of the major donors to both dominant political parties in the United States and could give the population much more freedom than the authorities are comfortable with.