Researchers found a structural tomb on Mars, similar to the one on Earth!

The mystery of the 'keyhole structure' on Mars deepens as scientists uncover more strange facts about this formation!

In November 2016, after a 3-year-study of the keyhole formation discovered on Mars, an independent research team led by the director of the Cydonia Institute, George J. Haas, published their strange findings. The team determined that the formation exhibits such perfect symmetry that it is highly unlikely to be the result of natural erosion.

Keyhole structure on Mars
The results of a three-year analysis of NASA images that identify a conjoined triangular and circular structure on the surface of Mars. Similar to wedge and dome, the keyhole-shaped formation observed on Mars is the subject of a science paper, published in the issue of the Journal of Space Exploration (Volume 4, Issue 3, November 2016). Contributors to the paper include two members of the Society for Planetary SETI Research, William Saunders (geomorphologist) and George Haas (sculptor), as well as two members of The Cydonia Institute, Michael Dale (geologist) and James Miller (image analyst).

The Martian structure is documented in four separate images provided by NASA and the European Space Agency that confirm the keyhole formations symmetry and its unique set of geometric measurements. The authors contend that the available data set of NASA images confirm multiple points of geometric consistency within the structure and suggest a high probability of artificiality.

“It appears that what we are seeing on Mars is evidence of some unknown extraterrestrial culture that I think may have been telling the story of where we came from and possibly where we may be going,” Haas stated.

When compared to a collection of similar keyhole formations produced by terrestrial cultures (according to Ancient Astronaut theorists), such as the ancient Kofun Tomb in Japan, the Martian structure not only duplicates their design but, reveals a lost legacy perhaps shared between two worlds.

Keyhole structure on Mars
Keyhole structure on Mars (left) comparatively similar to the Keyhole tomb of Kofun, Japan, c. 400AD (right).

If the keyhole formation on Mars is an artificial structure as this scientific study suggests, could it indicate that an alien technology documented by our ancestors was left on Earth’s closest neighbouring planet for humanity to one day discover? Or, is it possible that the structure does not represent some physical object but carries a more important message? Was it meat to tell us that there are profound secrets waiting to be unlocked about both our past and our future?

According to many Ancient Astronaut theorists, there’s indeed an extraterrestrial message inside the keyhole shape of Mars.

When we look at all the examples of the keyhole shape as it pears throughout different myths and traditions it tells us that is a vital shape for us to understand. And it suggests that when we find the keyhole shape no matter where it is that they all refer to this great mystery symbolized by the keyhole, and that perhaps by understanding one, it’s going to help us to unlock the mysteries of all and release some tremendous cosmic power.  ― William Henry

Could it be that the keyhole shape symbolizes a connection to the universe that humankind is only beginning to comprehend?