The ghost town of Jazirat Al Hamra – UAE’s most haunted land

Jazirat Al Hamra, which is best known as the ghost town of United Arab Emirates, is said to be country’s most haunted place, remaining a number of spooky events experienced by the locals and the curious visitors.

The ghost town of Jazirat Al Hamra – UAE's most haunted land 1
Jazirat al-Hamra Ghost Town © The National UAE

Jazirat Al Hamra is an abandoned village located to the south of the city of Ras Al-Khaimah (RAK), one of the seven emirates that form the UAE. This coastal territory is the region’s best example of a pre-oil village, displaying three distinct types of early- and mid-20th century Gulf architecture. This place is also known as the ‘Red Island’ for the sand it is built on. It was once a thriving pearl trading and fishing village and was home to the Zaabi tribe, as well as many prominent citizens of Arab, Iranian, African and Baluchi used to live here.

Nowadays, this land breathes in its ruins since when all the inhabitants left this place in 1968, after a clash between the tribe and Sheikh Saqr bin Muhammad of Ras Al-Khaimah due to some unclear reasons, and most of them migrated to Abu Dhabi. This deserted town is still rich in valuable things, if you take a closer look at its ruins you will find that the corals and seashells were blended with stone and mud to create the walls. The oldest buildings’ walls have larger pieces of coral, while the younger once were built from bricks of crushed coral.

However, rumour has it that this extraordinary quiet and silent village is extremely haunted by the ‘jinns’. Peoples even gossip that they can hear the strange noise and disembodied voices near the beach of this ghost village. The locals recite various spooky stories regarding the jinns that have infested this place including the stories of those unfortunate people who had encountered them and slowly, gradually became insane. So, they keep their distance from this eerie ghost village even in the daylight.

The ghost town of Jazirat Al Hamra – UAE's most haunted land 2
Al Jazirah Al Hamra Mosque, Ras Al Khaimah

Many visitors also assert that they felt uneasy like danger was lurking, waiting for them when they pressed on further into the haunted village. Some of them even claim to have witnessed inexplicably appearing of handprints on the ruined pillars and walls, and experienced many more paranormal things within this haunted ghost town.

So, if you are seeking a spooky destination in UAE then you could take the Emirates Road E311, drive straight to country’s northeastern tip and go through the ghost town of Jazirat Al Hamra, you will definitely enjoy the sea sight and the beauty of nature along with goosebumps standing sensation. After visiting this ghost village, you could take the E11 road from there and visit “The Haunted Al Qasimi Palace – The Palace of Nightmares” which is located to the 20km north of Jazirat Al Hamra, in Ras Al-Khaimah. But our advice is not to go to these places alone or after the dark. After all, these lands are completely deserted for decades, so if you get into any trouble in there you won’t find any help.

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