Homo capensis: A species that lives hidden among humanity?

Homo capensis: presumed hominid with a large brain and an IQ of 180. It would have maintained a world hegemony since ancient times.

Researchers like Dr Edward Spencer have exposed archaeological evidence of these hominids with elongated skulls from around the world, evidence from 50,000 years ago in South Africa, and even people like Akhenaten, the Egyptian pharaoh. Many believe that they still live hidden among us (in the Vatican), that they handle world politics, and that they could be alien-human hybrids.

Homo capensis: its characteristics and its conspiracy

A major whistleblower who has tried to expose them is Karen Hudes, a former World Bank adviser. Based on his experience and what he has researched, these “non-human creatures” have controlled the world since ancient times. According to Dr Spencer, the high cabal is made up of bankers and Homo capensis society.

Edward Spencer has concluded that these beings with elongated skulls are concentrated in the Vatican (!), dominating the power of the Catholic Church, the centre of the Illuminati state. Religion and banking would dominate… Money would have been the greatest invention of slavery for humanity. Among its main features are:

  • Elongated skulls, with greater volume and larger brains
  • Highest IQ (180 on average)
  • They do not have creativity or empathy, but they are related to mathematics, numerology, finance
  • Copper-based blood
  • Rh-negative (blue blood) lineage
  • They have a European base in Switzerland (with 48% pharaonic lineage)
  • Emotionally negative, they are unhappy and kill each other
  • They are slavers
  • Adepts of religious rituals and human sacrifices
  • “Slaves of the Lower Dimensions”
Queen Nefertiti, elongated skulls and the Pope's miter
Queen Nefertiti, elongated skulls and the Pope’s miter © MRU

Conspiracists claim, they control NATO, the financial market and the media. They are strategically positioned in power (royal families would possess the Rh-negative blood factor). They have infiltrated us, stealing our knowledge and manipulating humanity. They stage hoaxes, wars and false flag events.

Historical and archaeological evidence

An important book for Spencer is Charles Hapgood’s Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings, which reveals that a mysterious unknown civilization had mapped the entire planet during the last Ice Age. That civilization would be the Homo capensis.

Paracas Skulls
Elongated skulls from Paracas © Wikimedia Commons

There is a lot of archaeological evidence of humans with elongated skulls, in countries like South Africa, Malta, Peru and Russia. A very significant example is that of the Paracas skulls in Peru, which had different genetics, a 25% larger cranial volume and 60% greater weight than ordinary human skulls.

Other examples: the Hypogeum Temple in Malta (where these anomalous skulls were also found) and in South Africa, where Boskop Man was discovered, which was dated more than 10,000 years ago and his skull was 30% older volume than human.

Additionally, the pharaoh of Egypt Akhenaten has been closely associated with Moses (they could be the same person). Akhenaten and his wife Nefertiti always appear with elongated skulls in Egyptian art. Likewise, Moses would have had a larger than a normal skull and wore a headdress or hat similar to the miter of today’s Catholic bishops.

Adam’s calendar in South Africa

Adam's Calendar
Adam’s Calendar © andrewcollins.com

Another crucial find is in South Africa with the Adam’s Calendar, the oldest megalithic calendar ever discovered, dating back more than 50,000 years. This structure has its stone blocks forming maps of the equinoxes and the constellation of Orion. Nearby is a pyramid almost the same land length as the Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt.

In the area there are also immense constructions, such as agricultural fields and thousands of silo-like structures… These structures have been ignored by academic archaeology. It is thought that they were designed by the Homo capensis (built with the slave hand of the Homo sapiens).

Anunnaki-human alien hybrids?

Statue of Akhenaten
Statue of Akhenaten from the Aten temple at Karnak

According to various investigations, such as that of Corey Goode, the Homo capensis would be alien-human hybrids created by Enki, an ancient reptilian Anunnaki alien with copper-based blue blood. In the Bible, they would be the same Nephilim, also described as hybrids.

Karen Hudes talked a lot with Dr Spencer about this second species. She believes that the so-called “Gray Pope”, Pepe Orsini, is the intermediary in the Vatican between the Catholic authorities and the Homo capensis. Pepe Orsini would be the King of the Holy Roman Papal Lineages, which is above the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers in the pyramid of power, but next to Breakspear, Aldobrandini and other papal lines.

This conspiracy theme makes sense, based on everything we’ve seen regarding the world power mafia and evidence of non-human beings in our history. Yes, it could be related to the narrative of the dark elite (called Illuminati) and we can also notice that connection with the Vatican. Also, all those elongated skulls found in the world are very strong evidence for Homo capensis.

This article was first published in Spanish on Codigooculto.com