Legend of haunted Igorchem Road in Goa, India

The Igorchem Road of Goa is considered to be so haunted that the locals keep away from it during the daytime too! It’s far located in the back of Our Lady of Snows Church in Goa, India.

haunted igorchem road

There are numerous bizarre haunting reports that have been taken place within this path area, in which the eeriest common case is of being possessed by an evil spirit between 2PM to 3PM, and people have witnessed a number of victims who have met their unusual deaths within a few days after being possessed.

Some of the locals even claim to hear disembodied footsteps and heavy breathing sounds that come from behind the trees and bushes which also give this place a dreadful ghostly appearance.

Igorchem Road could be a likeable place for many paranormal seekers. But ghosts or not beware of its terrifying legends. Because, who knows what really happens there?!! Even if you are planning to visit this haunted land, our advice is not to go to this place alone. To reach this eerie place, you have to get the proper address first.

How to reach the Igorchem Road:

Igorchem Road is actually a stretch of dam named Igorchem Dam or Igorchem Bandh, which is situated close to Our Lady of Snows Church at the village of Raia. Raia is a small, quiet and beautiful village located about 30 km southeast of the Vasco da Gama Airport of Goa. Therefore, you have to catch a taxi or private cab from the airport or from anywhere in the main city, addressing to the Raia village. After that, ask anyone there about the church and the Igorchem Dam, you will definitely find your destination within a few minutes.

You could also find the location of the village of Raia where the Igorchem road is located on Google Maps here: