Giants and the alien arrival – the Vatican knows all the secrets!

What is the Vatican hiding from us? What secrets do they know?

Is Vatican plotting to cover up a parallel ancient world? What could be hidden behind the ‘city of secrets’ ― Vatican? The Vatican is a city, well guarded, inside Rome. It’s the smallest state in the world with a population of only 823. The city is not ruled by an emperor, a king, or a president or prime minister. The city is ruled by the Pope himself. The Vatican is the city of the Pope. The pope resides in a palace named Apostolic Palace located inside the small state.

Giants and the alien arrival – the Vatican knows all the secrets! 1
St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City. The Pope’s principal church. © DreamsTime

The area is well known for its tourism. They offer tours to visit chapels, basilica, museums and many other interesting places. However, not all places in this territory are open to the public, some have special restriction policies and some are totally concealed from the rest of the world. So what could be hidden in these secret places of the holy city? And what are they trying to covering up?

Giants and the alien arrival – the Vatican knows all the secrets! 2
The Central Repository in the Vatican city, the archives contain the state papers, correspondence, papal account books, and many other documents the church has accumulated over the centuries. There are fifty-three miles of shelving in the Vatican Secret Archives. © Image Credit: Italywithclass

They seem to be covering up one thing which they have been holding for thousands of years ― the history of mankind. They always said that our ancestor back thousands and thousands of years from now was inferior human being not as intellectually developed as we are today. The presence of mega structures that are still evident today which are dated to that time period seem to be in contrast to what they have always said.

Some believe that the Catholic Church, including the Vatican, is well aware of advanced extraterrestrial beings and are even preparing for their arrival. Some people even say that the Vatican, with the help of their “Lucifer” device, is monitoring, relentlessly, the sky in search for “something”. Something what??

So how are they covering all this up? A number of specialists and renowned persons in this field of research and study say that artifacts and proofs of another race have been confiscated by the Vatican. Some witnesses have been “controlled” and stories have been made up to cover tracks.

One only has to wonder what other secrets the Vatican is keeping from us. Evidence of what we thought was lost in the pre-Flood world? While one may think of giants or other entities that the Vatican might know about and keep those secrets away from the new world population; in reality, we are only left to wonder why are those secrets not made public for the good of the majority.