Dropa Stone: A 12,000-year-old extraterrestrial puzzle from Tibet!

In one of the unnamed planets, there lived a nation called “Dropa”. They lived happily in peace. Their planet was as green as our Earth, as a result of green crop in the field. At the end of their working days, the Dropers used to return home and take a cool bath to relieve fatigue; yes, like we do today here on Earth.

Dropa stone
Dropa Stone © Wikimedia Commons

This is proven that water is one of the main conditions behind the creation of life in this universe. There was no shortage of water on that unnamed planet. So like our small planet Earth, that planet was also full of abundance of life.

Gradually they went a long way in knowledge and science. In line with the advancement of technology, large mills, factories and massive projects were established in various important places of the planet. The clean air of the planet became polluted and poisonous very quickly.

Within a few centuries, the entire planet was crammed with urban garbage. At one point, they realized that in order to survive, they had to go out in search of alternative accommodation, need to find a new planet immediately. If that is not possible, the whole species will be lost from the bosom of the universe in a few years.

The Dropers chose a few brave ones from among them. With the best wishes of all, the explorers, the last resort of the Dropers boarded a sophisticated spacecraft and set off in search of a new suitable planet. Everyone on the expedition took a diary to record the course of events. Droper’s diary is also quite strange. It is just a disc made of solid stone. It bears no resemblance to the colorful diaries packed in the soft paper of our world.

They flew from galaxy to galaxy. Thousands of planets had been visited, but not a single planet was habitable. Eventually they came to our solar system. The number of planets was also less here. So they did not have to bother to find the green earth, the source of life. The huge spacecraft penetrated the Earth’s atmosphere and landed in an uninhabited area. The name of that place in the heart of the world is ‘Tibet’.

Dropers breathed their last in the clean and pure air of this world. They finally saw the face of success in this journey of billions of light years. A few Dropers were writing diaries in their minds at that time. Dropa’s travelogue was engraved on that rocky disc. This is the fascinating story of Dropa that, at the first time, baffles everyone to the core.

They discovered the most intriguing memorials of “Dropa”

In 1936, a group of archaeologists rescued a number of strange rock discs from a cave in Tibet. After several years of research, one professor claims to have been able to decipher the mysterious scripts engraved on the discs. There he learns of the arrival of an extraterrestrial being called “Dropa” ― from where the story of Dropa began its incredible journey.

Many accepted his claim. Again, many people dismiss the matter as completely fake. But which is true? Dropa stone is actually a diary of the aliens (other world beings)? Or, an ordinary stone lying in a cave in Tibet??

In search of history on the Tibetan border

Chi Puti, a professor of archeology at Beijing University, often went out with his students in search of true historical facts. He used to look for important archeological sites in various mountain caves, historical sites, temples etc.

Similarly, towards the end of 1938, he went on an expedition to the Tibetan border with a group of students. He was observing several caves in the Bayan-Kara-Ula (Bayan Har) mountains in Tibet.

Suddenly some students find a strange cave. The cave looked quite strange from the outside. The walls of the cave were quite smooth. In order to make it habitable, Kara cut the stones of the cave with some heavy machineries and made it smooth. They informed the professor about the cave.

Chu Puti entered the cave with his group. The inside of the cave was quite warm. At one stage of the search they found several lined graves. The bones of the dead man, about 4 feet 4 inches long, had come out to as they dig the grave’s ground. But some of the bones, including the skull, were much larger in size than normal humans.

“Whose skull could be so big?” One student said, “Maybe it’s a gorilla or an ape skeleton.” But the professor did digest his answer. “Who would bury a monkey so carefully?”

There was no nameplate on the head of the grave. So there was no chance to know whose grave these might be. At the behest of the professor, the students began to explore the cave more. At one point they find hundreds of rocky discs within a radius of one foot approximately. Various natural objects, such as the sun, moon, birds, fruits, trees, etc., were carefully carved on the stones.

Professor Chi Puti returned to Beijing with about a hundred discs. He disclosed about this discovery to other professors. According to his assumption, the discs are about 12,000 years old. Gradually the story of these rocky discs spread beyond China to the rest of the world. Researchers call this rock discs ‘Dropa Stones’.

The study was started with the aim of penetrating the sign language of the Dropa Stone body. And the people of the world are eagerly waiting. Everyone wants to know if there is an unknown secret hidden in the thousands of signs on the rock.

Dropa mystery and a ‘Tsum Um Nui’

Dropa stone
Dropa stone is the travelogue of aliens? © Ufoinsight.com

The enigmatic disc stones were firstly called ‘Dropa’ by Tsum Um Nui, a mysterious researcher from the Beijing University. He began his research about twenty years after the discovery of the Dropa Stone. After nearly four years of research, he was able to solve the mystery of the impenetrable Dropers.

He claimed in a journal that the travelogue of an alien nation called ‘Dropa’ was written on the rock in hieroglyphic letters. As soon as the word ‘alien’ is heard, everyone’s attention was moved. Everyone became interested in this rocky disc, “What does the man want to say it? Is it the manipulation of aliens?”

According to Tsum Um Nui, it is the precise work of aliens. He translated one of the discs completely. The meaning of his translation is,

We (Dropers) land in a spaceship above the clouds. We, our children hide in this cave until about ten sunrises. When we meet the locals a few days later, we try to contact them. We came out of the cave as we were able to communicate with gestures.

From then on, the discs became known as Dropa Stones. The full report of the study conducted by Tsum Um Nui was published in 1962. But the results of his research were not accepted by others mainstream researchers.

According to them, there is considerable inconsistency in the translation of Dropa Stone provided by Tsum Um Nui. He failed to answer various questions posed by historians and archaeologists.

Tsum Um Nui is thought to have gone into exile in Japan with the burden of the failure in his mind. He died shortly afterwards. Many will be shocked and sad to learn of the seemingly tragic consequences of Tsum Um Nui. But the mystery of Sum Um Nei is not over yet. In fact, it has just begun! After a while, we will return to that mystery.

Further research by Russian scientists

In 1986, the Dropa Stone was transferred to the laboratory of Russian scientist Vyacheslav Saizev. He conducted several experiments on the external properties of the disc. According to him, the structure of Dropa stone is different from other stones commonly found on earth. The rocks are basically a type of granite in which the amount of cobalt is much higher.

The presence of cobalt has made the stone extra stiff than usual. Now the question remains, how exactly did the inhabitants of that time engrave symbols on this hard rock? The tiny size of the symbols makes it even more difficult to answer. According to Saizev, in ancient times there was no method by which it was possible to engrave among such stones!

A special edition of the Soviet magazine ‘Sputnik’ reveals much more strange information about this stone. Russian scientists have examined the rock with an oscillograph to confirm that it was once used as an electrical conductor. But when or how? They could not provide a proper explanation.

Pictures of Ernst Wegerer

Another dubious incident took place in 1984. An Austrian engineer named Ernst Wegerer (Wegener) visited the Banpo Museum in China. There he saw two discs of Dropa Stones.

He captured the two discs on his camera with the permission of the authorities. He later returned to Austria to examine camera images. Unfortunately the hieroglyphic inscriptions of the disc were not clearly captured due to the flash of the camera.

But shortly after that, the then general manager of the museum was fired without cause and the two discs were destroyed. In 1994, German scientist Hartwig Hausdorf visited the Banpo Museum to learn about the disc. The museum authorities expressed inability to provide him with any information in this regard.

He later examined Chinese government documents. Hausdorf searched the documents of the Chinese government and did not find any name of the Dropa nation anywhere! In the end, no logical explanation was found for this mysterious event.

‘Tsum Um Nui’ controversy

The proverbial man of the Dropa Stone research is caught up in the mysterious ‘Tsum Um Nui’. But scientists became acquainted with Tsum Um Nui through a journal published in 1972. He was never seen in public. There is no name of Tsum Um Nui anywhere except the Dropa Stone.

There was a time when there was a rumor that Tsum Um Nui is not a Chinese name. Most likely it is a Japanese name. Thus, the existence of Tsum Um Nui was questioned and his translation was also disputed. Tsum Um Nui, who gave birth to the mystery from the beginning, finally said goodbye being a mystery.

But gradually the Dropa mystery began to become more concentrated. For a time, archaeologists were skeptical of the research and existence of such personalities as Professor Chi Puti, Vyacheslav Saizev, and Ernst Wegerer. At the time of the discovery of the Dropa Stone, there were two tribes living on the Tibetan border, the “Drokpa” and the “Hum”.

But nowhere in their history is any mention of such alien aggression. And Drokpas are undoubtedly human, not an alien species at all! Although there has been a lot of research on the Dropa Stones, the progress of the research is very negligible or none due to various heated controversies.

If there is no proper answer to the enigma of Dropa Stones, many important facts will remain shrouded in an unexplained mystery. And if the whole thing is fabricated, then the mystery should be put to an end with specific evidence.