Begunkodar – The most haunted railway station in the world

In the dark after the evening, the haunted Indian Railway station Begunkodar (Begunkodor) still stands alone today. People often call it “the ghost station.” Once-thriving the station now lives with the dead!

The Most Haunted Begunkodar Railway Station:

Begunkodar Station
Begunkodar Station, Purulia, West Bengal, India

Begunkodar, an almost deserted small station in Purulia located 325 km northeast of the city of Kolkata, India, which has passed its haunting stories from people to people for decades. The station is said to be extremely haunted by restless ghosts and spirits.

In the dark of night, a dreadful atmosphere looms large the station area, and eerie whispers could be distinctly heard everywhere. Even in the broad daylight, suspicious sounds of footsteps can be heard within the station premises.

The station has earned enough infamy to be called “the most haunted railway station on Earth.” Due to this, no trains have been running at this station for more than four decades since 1967.

The Begunkodar station is under the Southeast Indian Railway, Ranchi Division, which is surrounded by a number of eerily haunting stories, and a lot of questions and criticisms.

However, neither anyone from the railway department nor of the locals want to tell much about this allegedly haunted site. And no one can be seen within the limits of that station when you get around.

Begunkodar station
Google Image © Kousik Sasmal

Some locals and rail sources say that at around 5:50 pm, the Ranchi ― Chandrapura — Dhanbad Passenger train stops and leaves, after that, no trains stop at the Begunkodar station. People walk away from the station area as soon as they can. Even the station personnel do not stay there at night.

The older residents recite, this station once used to be crowded with people all day long, there were lots of trains that stopped at the station. But today is all the past! Even during the daytime, no one goes there. Just a century-old building that stands alone, diffusing dreadful messages in the air.

According to them, “there were big station offices, quarters, even a popular market within the station premises in its time. All passenger trains stopped there. Then suddenly what became that!”

A Dark Past Of The Begunkodar Station:

Begunkodor Station
Google Image © Bablu Mahato

It is said that many years back in the 1960s, a station master and his wife were brutally murdered at the station quarter in the mid of the night. Their bodies were later recovered from a nearby well. That’s the beginning of all ghostly activities of the Begunkodor station. Rail workers fled overnight after the incident. The trains also discontinued stopping at the station. It is heard that the station has been gradually abandoned since the tragedy took place.

Many still claim to witness there the insatiable spirit of the station master. Some say he walks along the tracks and then suddenly vanishes into the thin air ― leaving a blood-curdling experience to them.

What Non-Believers Say About The Haunting Legends Of Begunkodar Station?

On the other side, many non-believers assert that there’s nothing haunted in the Begunkodar station. They say, there was only one train running at the station, which is located far from the habitable villages. Therefore, no one wanted to work there. Thus, all these fictional haunting legends began to spread among the people.

Revival Of The Abandoned Begunkodar Station:

Begunkodar – The most haunted railway station in the world 1
Google Image © Angshumali Sarkar

In 2010, the rail government reinstate the Begunkodar station again, and it was provided with the stoppage of three other passenger trains. The old station-building itself has been painted and reopened just as a passenger halt.

The Present Condition Of The Begunkodar Station:

Begunkodar – The most haunted railway station in the world 2
Google Image © Rishiraj Mahato

Despite many efforts, the scene of the Begunkodar station hasn’t changed much still today. Not a single light shines on the platform at night. Not a single passenger can be found there. Trains leave one after another through its up and down tracks. And their horns pierce through all the silence of the station, leaving behind an eternal peace.