Anti-gravity artifact: What’s this strange object found near the Baltic Sea Anomaly?

It cannot be completely ruled out that the artifact could have survived from more ancient civilizations that once inhabited the Earth long before us.

Almost all of us have already heard of the “Baltic Sea Anomaly.” This discovery made a sensation in 2011 when a bizarre image appeared on the sonar of Peter Lindberg, Dennis Åberg, and their Swedish “Ocean X” diving team while hunting treasures on the floor of the northern Baltic Sea at the center of the Gulf of Bothnia.

Baltic sea anomaly
A strange, circular object found at the bottom of Baltic Sea in 2011 continues to baffle scientists. © Image Credit: National Geographic

It seems that the strange shape of the structure on the seabed was not the only “anomaly”. During the investigation, divers said that there was an anomaly on the surface just above the structure. Any electronic device, even satellite phones, stopped working in that area just above the sunken object.

The team managed to recover a sample from that “submerged structure”. And after conducting a number of lab tests, it was found that the sample contained limonite and goethite.

According to Israeli geologist Steve Weiner, these are “metals which nature could not produce itself.”

Theories as to what the anomaly could be have ranged from the interesting to the outrageous. Some have theorized it’s a Nazi anti-submarine device or a battleship gun turret. While others believe it’s a sunken UFO of antiquity. On the other hand, mainstream researchers consider it nothing but a natural rock formation.

Whatever it is, it seems that nobody wants to fund a comprehensive research into the Baltic Sea discovery. The question remains: what really lies beneath?

More interestingly, another incredible thing happened recently ― a bizarre artifact was discovered in the same territory where the “Baltic Sea Anomaly” was detected.

Anti-gravity artifact: What's this strange object found near the Baltic Sea Anomaly? 1
The appearance of the find is impressive, and so far one can only guess about its real purpose, because if it is investigated precisely, it will take a long time to solve it. © Image Credit: Anomaly

This enigmatic artifact was named “anti-gravity artifact” by Boris Alexandrovich who discovered it on the shores of the Baltic Sea.

According to Boris, after preliminary analysis, the age of this object has been determined to be about 140,000 years. Although it is not possible to verify the truth of Boris’ statement yet. This is practically impossible if we look at conventional history.

Boris added that the ancient artifact has certain bizarre properties too. It generates an energy field unprecedentedly and still not understood by the researchers.

Anti gravity baltic sea artifact
According to some theorists, it cannot be completely ruled out that the artifact could have survived from a more ancient civilization that once inhabited the Earth long before us. Is the civilizations before humans on Earth hypothesis true? © Image Credit: Anomaly

According to some sources, the artifact is also composed of a few extremely rare metals on our planet with a purity of about 99.99%. Impossible thing, considering the claimed age of the object.

To be honest, we have yet to verify the authenticity of this strange artifact, and we have yet to prove how true or plausible the claims made about the artifact are. But if the claims about this artifact are indeed true, it leaves us with an inevitable question: In the distant past, was there really any advanced civilization living on Earth long before humans?