Rare ancient sword unearthed in Kyrgyzstan

An ancient saber was discovered amongst a treasure trove in Kyrgyzstan which included a smelting vessel, coins, a dagger amongst other ancient artifacts.

While exploring Amanbaev, a village in the Talas Region of Kyrgyzstan, three brothers stumbled upon an ancient saber (a long and curved heavy military sword with a cutting edge).

ancient sword Kyrgyzstan
Medieval saber sword found in Kyrgyzstan. Siyatbek Ibraliev / Turmush / Fair Use

The find was made by three brothers, Chyngyz, Abdylda, and Kubat Muratbekov, along with Nurdin Jumanaliev, who have been actively involved in archaeology. Three brothers, over the past year, have contributed around 250 historical artifacts to the museum fund. Siyatbek Ibraliev, a researcher at the Kyrgyz national complex Manas Ordo, announced the finding of the ancient saber.

On June 4, 2023, a magnificent piece of medieval art was unearthed in Kyrgyzstan, making it a one-of-a-kind discovery in Central Asia. Its extraordinary craftsmanship and pristine condition were evidence of the blacksmith’s skill from that particular era.

ancient sword Kyrgyzstan
Siyatbek Ibraliev / Turmush / Fair Use

This particular sword type first appeared in Iran during the 12th century and then spread along an arc from Morocco to Pakistan. Its curved design is reminiscent of the “shamshir” sabers found in the Indo-Iranian region, suggesting it may have a connection to a Muslim country. The saber is made up of several components, including the pommel, hilt, blade, and guard.

The shamshir, known to Europeans as the scimitar, is the classic longsword of the riders of Persia (Iran), Moghul India, and Arabia. It is mainly compatible with Strength and Dexterity and is an excellent Weapon for those with high dexterity who can effectively execute slashing attacks while twirling. This saber has a thin, curved blade of significant length; it is light in weight, yet still able to generate swift, slicing strikes noted for their sharpness and lethality.

ancient sword Kyrgyzstan
Siyatbek Ibraliev / Turmush / Fair Use

The saber that was found has the following measurements:

  • Length: 90 centimeters
  • Tip Length: 3.5 centimeters
  • Hilt Length: 10.2 centimeters
  • Handguard Length: 12 centimeters
  • Blade Length: 77 centimeters
  • Blade Width: 2.5 centimeters

The siblings uncovered a small-sized pot for smelting metal that measured 5 cm in diameter, as well as a coin inscribed on both of its surfaces in Arabic. This type of currency was employed in Kyrgyzstan during the 11th century while the Karakhanid state was emerging.

Sıyatbek Ibraliyev claims that the tools used in the melting of metal and coins suggest the presence of coin-producing workshops in the region.

It is expected that additional swords like this one may be uncovered in the region in the foreseeable future, as it provides novel prospects for archaeological exploration.

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