A75 Kinmount Straight – The most haunted highway in Scotland

The A75 Kinmount Straight is reputedly the most haunted road in Scotland and some say the UK.

A75 Kinmount Straight Highway
A75 Road, Scotland

People who witnessed its harrowing characteristics like strange animals, people running out in front of cars to suddenly vanish, an eyeless phantom-man on crutches, unworldly creatures and many other blood-curdling sequences often call this highway “The Ghost Road.”

The Haunting Of A75 Kinmount Straight:

A75 Kinmount Straight Scotland

The A75 in Dumfriesshire is said to have had more reports of paranormal activities than any other highway in the country.

Every year, hundreds of ghostly sightings are reported on the old and new road between Gretna and Dumfries, including figures that disappear to a menagerie of animals. And particularly the Kinmount straight on the road is the most notorious spot for these sightings.

There’re so many different yet spine-chilling accounts to tell about the A75 road and been seen by so many different people as well. Here we have briefly cited some of them.

The Eerie Experience Of Derek and Norman Ferguson:

A75 Kinmount Straight – The most haunted highway in Scotland 1

One of the most infamous sightings was made by Derek and Norman Ferguson, in 1962.

They were driving along here and the whole incident began with a giant hen flying towards the windscreen of their car.

Upon checking their car’s window screen, they found there was no sickening crack, no spray of feathers, or neither any jolt. To say, there was nothing that would indicate the accident really happened. The hen just disappeared into the thin air.

However, before the two could breathe a sigh of relief another strange event took place – an old lady ran right towards the car head-on, waving her arms frantically. Maybe she was after her chicken, maybe she had lost control of it during a midnight stroll through the woods!

Then to make things even stranger, they witnessed great cats and various other creatures as well as witnessing a phantom furniture van – which is a bit unusual to say the least.

Parade Of The Medieval Camp Followers:

A common sighting was groups of dejected bedraggled people pulling handcarts or carrying bundles like some medieval camp followers.
One man was so shocked, he gave up lorry driving altogether and was never seen again.

One night, he had been parked on the Kinmount straight and he had woken up at the back of three in the morning and he saw the ‘parade’ of people. After witnessing this, he just went into a traumatized state.

They were long-distance drivers – they were well separated – so it wasn’t as if there was a group of them gathered in a pub and passed round stories. An imagination in his mind or a real fact whatever you say, this experience badly affected him.

Other Ghostly Sightings At The A75 Kinmount Straight:

A75 Kinmount Straight – The most haunted highway in Scotland 2

The A75 is a long and windy road, considered to be most dangerous with the haunted section reported to be the 15 mile stretch from Annan to Dumfries. Documented reports of ghosts on this road go back at least 50 years.

It is well known for the many roadside ghosts and apparitions that are encountered by motorists, including the vanishing couple – a man and woman hand in hand crossing the road suddenly in front of traffic to disappear just before or just after impact.

Elsewhere, near Eastriggs and Dornock, a Victorian lady and a man in a red top have been sighted repeatedly. In 1997 a woman thought she had hit a man in her car near Swordwellrig but when she got out to investigate, she could find no sign of him.

What do you think about these hauntingly strange stories of Scotland’s A75 Kinmount Straight Road? Is this road really paranormal? Or, all the stories are nothing but some engrossing supernatural fictions?

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